Best homemade beef and vegetable soup

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Great for cold weather

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Erin Powell says:

I swear this is Brandon Roger's uncle..gotta love it and the accent!

shyde003 says:



Everything looks good, JB!!

Paton Dement says:

I have the same Tabasco tray hanging in my kitchen as well. I visited Avery Island when I was in La visiting my husband’s family last weekend. I’m glad I came across your videos. Your food looks delicious and I’ll be trying all your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

Randy Kuleszasr says:

that looks great j. b. thanks for the recipe

Kamill ianne says:

Yum! 10 cajuns=20 Ha-ha! I made this a few days ago. Amazing how you were reading my mind. I had a bunch of ingredients that were donated from the food pantry. I used lentils & mesquite liquid smoke. JB..I ate with crackers, too!! Bless You!

Arrogantly Ki says:

Yum. This may be a good recipe for this weekend. Supposed to snow in my area.

Erok BrewMeister says:

Looks great, everytime I make soup like this I have a bowl or two then I have a ton left over that no one in my house will eat. End up freezing it everytime. Sad, my family don't know whats up !

MizzJ says:

Just made 25 quarts of beef and deer vegetable soup to freeze for the winter. Yummmm

Fran o' Toole says:

mmmm mmmm, cant beat a nice soup on a cold day. one of my fav tho is irish beef / oxtail stew with creamed taters….sooooo dam good stick to your ribs.

Deb Allen says:

Your soup looks delicious. I'm trying to lose weight so I'm gonna do a pot of the Dolly Parton cabbage soup tomorrow with no meat or taters. I love taters and meat. But supposedly you can lose 5-15 pounds in one week of exclusively 3 meals a day of the soup. Lord help me not to dip a hunk of bread and butter in it I'll be dreaming of your soup three times a day for 7 days.

JOE Quezada says:

Looks delicious

Argerine Jordan says:

Looks good! I could use some of tbat right nowπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

John Bailey says:

I want some of that!!

Psyop 6 says:

My Grandmother from Ireland made a similar soup, minus the tomato. She made an incredible lental soup also; could you if you haven't do a lental? Merry Christmas JB

Don Jones says:

Well I was thinking. You haven't made anything that was bad. Keep up the great work.

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