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Pork belly steamed in red fermented tofu (bean curd) sauce

This pork belly recipe will absolutely impress all your guests. Tender, rich and flavorful with incredible deep red color.

Traditionally made from tofu cubes fermented in jars with wine and salt, this fermented tofu delicacy is usually eaten as condiment with congee, or used in cooking for braised dishes. The beautiful deep red comes from red yeasted rice, a natural food coloring ingredient with health-promoting benefits. You can follow chef’s recipe to make it at home or buy commercial packaged ones in local Chinese supermarket.

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Firm tofu 300g
Salt 1 tsp
Red yeasted rice 1 tbsp
Dried rose 1 tsp
Brown sugar 1 tbsp
Dried rose powder 1 tsp
Rice wine 1 tbsp
Pork belly 1200g
Rock sugar 1 cup
Green onion
3 ginger slices
Moo shu shells

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Ernst Hasefratz says:

6 months to make Ketchup, lol what an idiot

tri saputra says:

Child: mom.. I'm hungry!!!
Mom:ok, wait 3 month again😁

Sai Lv says:


ブランドーディオ says:

geez it's 1am and i watched this… 😩

Viwi Music says:

Chef is the best! ♡ BUT MUSIC TOO 😍💛

Minesh Nissanka says:

Chef:* adds red yeast rice *
Me: ok that's unusua-
Chef:* adds dried roses *
Me: ☆_☆

EJ's Korean Kitchen says:


yun oh says:


김태균 says:

와 미쳤다… ㄷㄷ

noire norese says:

And it tastes just like chicken.

Alvaro Santos says:

I prefer the Brazilian barbecue, in 40 minutes everything is ready, everyone eats well and takes no sugar at all. Kkkkkk, but it's a nice vídeo. 👏

พ่อปลาช่อน says:


Marcos Gomes 53 says:

É de derreter na boca 😋😋😋😍🇧🇷👍😎

copper cassie Campbell says:

I think I'm in love 😍 😘

that pork belly is just so inviting. It's worth the 6 months wait…I think .

Oh, that smile is too die for.
Encore, encore.
Wait…back up did you say keep it at room temperature for six months ?
My curd just cuddled.

Sammy Garcia says:

Wow,that looks real tasty😜

observer Chao says:


K says:

anjrid 3-6 bulan


And steam has been ignited since 6 months ago

Sheen L says:

Wow already a million subscriber. Congratulations!

blossom says:

I can't imagine what it taste like

RU_ SH says:

Why us the caption always "the best" before evrything🙄. I love his cooking i really do but everything he makes is not the best.
If you pay attention you will notice he always makes its sweet, i have never seen hin making spicy dishes, it kinds annoy me sometimes🙄

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