Best pork chops and gravy Ever !

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With real Creamed potatoes Collard greens and buttermilk cornbread!

Link to other pork chop recipes:

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Judy Samson says:

I’ve been cooking my pork chops like that for years. I do add a little minced garlic sometime before adding the water.
Now, I’m going to have to go get me some collard greens. Your food always looks so good. Glad you are doing better.
Hope your wife is doing better too, and I hope you got her the right Kleenex. Lol.

PaPaJoe Cooking says:

Pure Southern Comfort Food At It’s Finest! I grew up eating this,my children grew up on it now my pre teen grandchildren are eating this! Mighty fine cuisine JB!

Will Dearborn says:

I’m happy you bounced back & are doing the things you love to do. I’m looking forward to you doing your Spring Fling. Best wishes JB. You are back in form. Stay well

cayogator says:

One of my favorite meals ! YUM !!
I love that PictSweet brand, but hard to find here in Fla.

1WickedAngel1 says:

Looks Delicious Boy ! 💙

Ray Wright says:

JB … looks like he’s back to drinking the pops ! Glad he’s back

Lisa Lichty says:

I'm always so looking forward to you😊.thanks for sharing😊😊

Mary Ellen Rossi says:

My Thermador gas stove has 2 burners that go off and on so it is easy to keep a pot on "warm" for a long time…..all 4 burners can go ultra high, but I've found that the low level is the most useful part of the stove.

wok n ham nunya says:

We are glad to have you back

wok n ham nunya says:

He did have a birdshit on his head

wok n ham nunya says:

Jb is the man ……….. ….. pay attention. He will teach you .. something

Jelly Bryce says:

ive never used arrowroot. need to try that.

Randy Kuleszasr says:

way to go j.b. looks great, i see you our still losing weight, your face looks thinner

Tipping Toast Media says:

Who is screaming at the start of yo video boy?

J Davidson says:

Good to see you feeling better!

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