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This might just be the best vegan fried catfish recipe you’ll find! (or as I call it “Katfish”). This is a great vegan seafood recipe you’ll love to share with the family!


Banana Blossom (Canned in brine. Most asian markets will carry them in various brands)
Louisiana Fish Fry (with lemon)
Flour (optional. not used in this video)
Old Bay Seasoning
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Black Pepper
Creole Seasoning
Hot sauce (optional)
Vegan Ranch (my recipe:


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Tierra Brooks says:

What if I am allergic to fish that’s why I am also here, do you think the seaweed will harm me?

Eight XXXi Beauty says:

Saw your IG post, this is the first video that popped up 💕✨

AlphaBerry Xtraordinary says:

I have never eaten catfish because I have known since childhood (growing up 2 farms on the river) that it's a bottom feeding fish, not because of the flavor. I am definitely making this my first vegan home cooked meal.

Elizabeth Matthews says:

Very creative 👌

Terry Giles says:

If someone tell u why u call it cat fish most didn't go vegan bc they don't like they food but people trying to eat better for the health of it so thanks for this recipe I will try it Friday night thanks

I'm here for it says:

New subbie!!!

Michelle Ann Peterkin says:

Love her she made me laugh in 5 minutes listening to her 😂

Khrene Cleaver says:

Let. Me. See THOSE


Mac Mock says:

This recipe is A1! Thank you for sharing.

Sydnei says:

Thank you for sharing! I love watching your videos. You and your family are so beautiful inside and out. Also, your recipes look great! I'm excited to try so many of them. (:

kim thomas says:

I'm allergic to catfish, I'm definitely going to try this

goldenapple1 says:

I tried this recipe twice, once with banana blossoms and again with cauliflower. The cauliflower was soooooo much better. I don’t like the taste of canned vegetables and the banana blossoms weren’t good enough for me to try it twice. I seasoned the cauliflower with her seasoning selection and let it marinate overnight and then stuck it in the toaster oven for 5- 10 min. before dipping it into the cornmeal batter. It doesn’t look like fish but tastes sooooo good!!!!! ❤️💕❤️💕❤️this recipe!

Sai Smith says:

Girl….where on earth you live because here…banana blossoms who, where? Lol they look at me dumb when i ask about jack fruit like…these places need to get👏 with👏 it👏

ronnieadams1190 says:

Can I use seamoss instead of seaweed? Seamoss definitely has a fishy taste to it.

The Vegan Soul Food Market says: got vegan fish to fry!!!

teeahtate says:

Wow! I actually never heard of banana blossoms before. I will try this recipe.

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