Betty’s Pineapple Grilled Cheese & Chive Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

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In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make two luscious grilled cheese sandwiches–a Pineapple Grilled Cheese and a Chive Grilled Cheese. They start with …

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Danielgnik says:

Betty you’re making me hungry.

Betty's Kitchen says:

That’s great! I think you will like both flavors! –Betty :)

Betty's Kitchen says:

Thanks!–It was just one of those ideas that come out of the blue! Both
sandwiches taste really good, and they don’t require a lot of ingredients.
Thanks for commenting! Happy 4th!!! –Betty :)

IRented says:

Miss Betty, I will be a food vendor at the local flea market for the 1st
time. I will use your lemondade recipe. Also, I am doing gourmet grilled
cheese sand. I will assemble them the night before. Would it be ok to toast
them on the one side 1st and then put the cheese inside to cook when I get
to the flea market?

Griffin Lubrecht says:

what temerature do you put it on the stove?

CherryBlossomR0cker says:

I love all your videos the food looks SO good can’t wait to try some I
really want to do culinary arts but to keep things close to home to

Betty's Kitchen says:

Yes, I have done that before and it works fine. –Betty :)

Betty's Kitchen says:

@JBros123 Yes, the sharp cheddar and cream cheese alone would make a great
combination for the sandwich! –Betty :)

Betty's Kitchen says:

@kvn864 Thanks for your nice comment! –Betty :)

Betty's Kitchen says:

Thank you so much for your feedback! I hope you enjoy the sandwiches–it’s
just a little twist on your everyday grilled cheese! Thanks for your
comment! –Betty :)

Nicki Leigh says:

:) another great video

Betty's Kitchen says:

You are quite welcome! I don’t think I’ve heard of either of these
combinations before–I just thought they suited *my* taste! Thanks for the
compliment! –Betty :)

Patsy D says:

This is so clever and different. I was thinking that using really thinly
sliced tomato with the chives version (inside before grilling) and then
using some of that nice Canadian Bacon you used to make your McBetty Egg
Muffins on the Canadian Version would make these “whole supper” sandwiches
with a side salad. This was great!

Betty's Kitchen says:

Thanks for your lovely comment! I think you will like this style of grilled
cheese sandwich! Thanks for writing! –Betty :)

Chandu83 says:

Great video. Thanks a lot for the effort.

Betty's Kitchen says:

@Melissa2087 They would not take long in the stove. I would suggest that
you look at the bottom side and turn them when browned. Then, take them out
of the oven when the top side is brown. –Betty :)

Nailpedia says:

This looks good!

Betty's Kitchen says:

@adamscupoftea That’s true! Thanks for your comment! –Betty :)

Betty's Kitchen says:

Thank you! I hope you have a chance to try them! They both taste really
great! Thanks for viewing and commenting! –Betty :)

fezan84 says:

Mmm, a nice spin on a classic sandwich. I like the toasting of both sides
of the bread — I’ve never done that before. Thanks again!

Anita Reay says:

They look wonderful Betty, we’re having them tonight. (I love cheese and
pineapple but I’ve never thought of brown sugar with it) I made your
crockpot beef 2 nights ago and it was delicious! :) –Anita

sweetcherrycrumble says:

And a comic observation – i love your (prob unconscious) 360 on 1:46.
Performing ballet AND cooking to simultaneous perfection is some feat – and
i think u’ve mastered it :-) haha! x

Betty's Kitchen says:

That’s my goal! Thanks for all your sweet comments! –Betty :)

lahammer1 says:

This was just what I was looking for. Great recipes. Keep these recipes
coming. Thanks again.

Betty's Kitchen says:

I grow parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme (see Betty’s Scarborough Fare Pork
Chops); also rosemary, tarragon, sweet basil, oregano, dill and sage. (See
my Dill Weed Dip and Tour of Herb Garden, if interested! –Betty :)

sweetcherrycrumble says:

I’m quickly realising Betty that u have no limits in the kitchen – and
thats fantastic! I’m LOVING your creativity! To be honest i wouldn’t be so
keen on pineapple and cheese but cheese and chive sounds amazing – so u
grow herbs in your garden? What other herbs can i ask?

Melissa2087 says:

What about if you want to put them in the stove? How long do you suggest I
leave them in for?

Betty's Kitchen says:

@Griffdog97 I use medium to start off, but then change to low. –Betty :)

seanviv2 says:

Hi Betty I am so making these grilled cheese sandwiches. I love that sweet
savory touch. As usual I find so many interesting recipes since I have
subscribed to your site… thanks

Betty's Kitchen says:

Thanks, Ben. That’s sweet! –Betty :)

Betty's Kitchen says:

I am so glad you like my recipes. Collecting and creating recipes has been
my hobby for almost 50 years. I surely have picked up a few things to share
with others! People like you inspire and motivate me! –Betty :)

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