Black Bean Salad Recipe – How to Make a Black Bean Salad

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Black Bean Salad Recipe – How to Make a Black Bean Salad

This is a quick and easy black bean and corn salad. It’s healthy and tastes great. This black bean salad makes for a great summer side dish. I hope you give it a try.

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Nassif says:

How many calories are in this?

TheDarrenH30 says:

This looks fantastic and I just made it tonight. Letting it chill now and I know it’ll be delicious. Great video but you really need to get yourself a new knife πŸ˜‹

Dogs Rule says:

Fantastic presentation! The results are awesome – heading to the store now. Thank you for posting! Cheers!

BlazingSerenade says:

When do I add the mayonnaise

Dean Johnson says:

Wonderful bean salas recipe must try myself. Thank You for sharing Soul Food Cooking.

LOLISA says:

Thank you for sharing! I made it today and it was delicious! Next time, I'm going to add in jalapenos and mango!!

marty mart says:

looks delicious!! a must do

Hanae Ben Aissa says:

Looks healthy and easy to make. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. 🀀

Rodrigo Silva says:

This salad is amazing. πŸ˜‹

Michele Watson says:

I loved this video.

Karma Lama says:

wow nice salad

Jason Gardner says:

This one is excellent also with Mango swapped for avocado…both ways are a hit!

Hoolie Halo says:

Made this today sooo delicious! Thanks!

Queen of Water says:

The colors are gorgeous. My sister makes a similar one that includes diced mangoes.

E LEARNING & Cooking says:

Very nice and mouthwatering recipe. Thank you. I am new friend here. stay tuned. thank you.

Jeremy Woods says:

NIce recipe, I liked the video. Just curious, lol, are you left-handed or is the video reversed? I'm left-handed but use a knife with my right hand for some reason.

Elizabeth Somoza says:

I tried it and it is very good

Vikrant Narayan says:

Nice information

Ra fico says:

Looks very refreshing. Thaks for sharing.

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