Bone Broth Recipes – How to Make Bone Broth in the Slow Cooker

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Get the recipe for Slow Cooker Bone Broth at In this video, we’ll show you how to use your slow cooker to make beef bone broth….

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acexkeikai says:

Ok Bone Broth is now a thing… People that’s what Broth are made of: BONES
this is nothing new, there’s nothing PALEO about it. Broths are made using
bones they ALWAYS HAVE BEEN… unless you are making vegetable broth,
there’s going to be bones involved. I hate that people are going OMG you
have to try bone broth. It’s NOT new thing, people have been doing it
since people have started doing broths.

oahu kane says:

Your Paleo ancestors are just that. Not my ancestors. Including your monkey

Stari Rita says:

How long would it last? How best to store it?

IndigobluBeauty says:

any recipe recommendations for the vegetables?

The gamer bros. says:

Thanks for teaching me how to cook 

Grace Jo says:

When Asians make this traditional and old recipe bone broth and their white
friends see it, the friends get grossed out thinking ‘ew, brother made out
of BONES?!’ But then when its “trendy”. Everyone’s like “oh yea, it’s so
healthy, I eat it all the time.”

Elissa Celino says:

Seems a waste of vegetables

Berviffy says:

Hispanics make some mean bone broth as well

Athena Ying says:

Asian have done this for thousands of years!

Here’s what I think this recipe needs improvement on:
1. Slow Cooker don’t work! Just use a regular pot, and real magic will
happen. Bring your broth to a boil first, then simmer it for at least 18 –
24 hours! Serious!
2. After the broth is done, refrigerate it overnight, so you can skim
off all the oil on the next day.
3. Instead of celery, carrot, and onion, you can replace them with
ginger root (a must, it helps to get rid of that greasy smell), shiitake
mushroom, leek, garlic, bamboo shoots, lotus roots, daikon…
4. All sorts of meat will accompany the bone broth too, but you need to
separately boil off the blood.
5. One of several methods of this cooking style can be viewed here: 6. Better yet, if you know an Asian
friend, invite yourself over to his or her home the next time they are
cooking soup!


laptopboone says:

I don’t even cook and I immediately thought after watching this, “So…it’s
beef stock?”.

I don’t even know how to even. At least people are realizing how delicious
home made stock is when done properly.

archi Martin says:

Haha wow 8 hours

Riaz Murad says:

i thought the difference between stock and broth is that stock is made of
bone and broth from meat? so why is this called ‘bone broth’ instead of
simply ‘stock’???


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