Boston Butt Recipe | Smoked Pork Butt on the UDS Smoker

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Smoked Boston Butt | BBQ Pork Butt

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A “Boston Butt” is just another name for a pork butt or pork shoulder roast. A long time ago when lesser cuts of pork – shoulders & hams – were packed for storage; they were placed in large wooden barrels called butts. This is where the name “Boston Butt” comes from and it’s still used today.

For this recipe I’m starting with a 10lb bone-in, Boston Butt. You’ll want to open the package near the sink and drain any liquid. Use paper towel to pat dry the outside and place it on a large platter or sheet pan.

In order to get the seasoning to stick to the butt, I’m using plain yellow mustard. Slather on a light coat on all sides. I want a spicy bark on this butt to offset the sweetness of the glaze, so I’m using my Killer Hogs Hot Rub.

Apply a medium coat of the rub on the outside and let the butt hang out at room temperature while the smoker comes up to temp.

As always you can use any smoker or grill for this cook. I’m using my drum and running it at a steady 275⁰ the entire cook. When the smoker settles in, add your favorite wood to the coals.

I like the flavor that hickory and cherry gives pork, so I’m using a chunk of each along with ½ a sweet onion. The onion adds a little extra flavor, and I just like the way it smells as it blends with the wood smoke.

Place the Boston Butt on the center of the cooking rack and get the lid closed. To keep the bark from getting to dry during this process I spritz it with equal parts Red Wine Vinegar and Water. About every hour give it a quick spritz. Once the bark starts to develop and the outside has turned a dark shade of red, it’s time to wrap.

Use 2-3 layers of aluminum foil overlapped to hold in moisture and reduce the chance of tears in the wrap. Before closing the foil hit the outside with a little extra dry rub and a spritz of the baste. I also insert a meat probe into the thickest part of the butt. Wrap the foil completely around the butt and get it back on the smoker.

At this point we’re just rendering the fat inside the butt to get it tender. I’m looking for a target internal temp of 198⁰ for easy pulling, so it’ll take another 2 hours of cook time.

Keep the heat steady at 275⁰. I’m using the Smoke by Thermoworks to eyeball the temperature; It’s handy because you can take the remote inside and kick back while the smoker does its’ thing.

While the butt is cooking make the glaze.

Apricot BBQ Glaze Ingredients:
– 12oz Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce
– 4oz Apricot Preserves
– 4oz Honey
– 4oz Apple Cider Vinegar

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pot over Medium heat until mixtures smooths about 5-10 minutes.

Once the butt reaches 198⁰ carefully take it off the pit and unwrap the foil. I wear a pair of white cotton glove liners underneath a pair of nitrile gloves when working with anything hot.

Transfer the butt to a wire rack and apply the glaze to the outside. Having it on the wire rack makes transferring back and forth easy. Place the butt back on the pit for 15 minutes to give the glaze time to caramelize. Don’t walk to far away at this stage because it can burn on you really quick.

Now that the glaze has set, remove the butt from the smoker and let it rest on the counter for 20 minutes before pulling. When you’re ready to break it down, simply tear into the butt sepatating it by each muscle. It will pull apart with ease.

Be sure to remove any fat or connective tissue that failed to render. A butt this size is going to yield you about 7lbs of good pulled pork. You can serve it right away or package it for later use.

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John Bishop says:

Good job man

John Kidd says:

Hey Malcolm, smoking some wild hog butts next weekend in South Mississippi on a Lang. Anything special I should do different? Plan on cooking like I normally do butts, injection and The BBQ Rub

Florida Boy says:

Son of a bitch. A video with somebody using a real cooker not a electric pelet cooker. Great….

Delta Fishing says:

At what temo do you warp?

Matt Braddock says:

So how can you do a cooking video without explaining what is in your rub. Like showing how to fix a car but not tell the folks what car parts you are using.

Joe Cilluffo says:

Thanks for the education Malcolm, I'm setup to do doing this tomorrow.

Chris Gray says:

Bro, easy to follow, great recipe. Absolutely crushed it. Friends and neighbours loved this recipe. Thanks Malcom!

Survival Preacher says:

tell me how did you get that pork butt done and 6 hours. It always takes me 10 to 12 hours on a 10 pound butt. Of course I always cook it 225 I guess that's the main difference all in all it looked scrumptious have a blessed day.

Fabian Garcia says:

That's looks so good.

Bill Kabitz says:

Really looks great- but I noticed that he uses the exact same spices on everything he cooks. I've watched about a dozen "How To BBQ Right" video's – Yeah, different meat, but the exact same rub and spices every time. Almost the same glaze too.

Dawn of the Ashen One says:

That’s a nice ass

V C says:

I love this guy. His love for food n how he talks about food is truly a gift. However, im sad that he will not make it to 60 :( neither am i so lets eat lol

Tommy Hammernots says:

You used mustard on your butt, but not your picnic…wonder why.

Rick Long says:

Patriots down by 25 late in the 4th and win LOL

Brian Perry says:

Keep pushing out those great videos man. Thanks for all you do. Our buddy JT over at Super talk is still pushing and doing well the last I heard from him.

Brian Perry says:

This was a hit with my family on July 4th, 2020.

Tony C says:

Hey Malcom – was the fat side up or down? …BTW – love your videos man, gonna try this one this weekend

Pat Bordash says:

So you did that whole cook with just 2 chunks of wood??? Or, did you add wood every time you basted?

Keith Richmond says:

What smoker is that? How can I get that one?

Jason Baker says:

One question @HowToBBQRight @10:00 minute mark on the video. Did you do what most of us do. We cannot wait to try and we burn our mouth. I notice a cut in the video. Lets be honest. No matter how much of a great cook we are there is one amateur moment we all have in cooking. We cannot wait to taste. Loving all of your videos mate from Down Under in Australia. I am able to get all your rubs and sauces down here as well. I love the spicy BBQ but love that vinegar sauce is next level. Keep showing us on How To BBQ Right my friend.

Andy N says:

Malcom- do u ever inject boston butts?

DeEdward Fountain says:


Robert Cox says:

I did 3 racks of your comp ribs last weekend for friends and they loved them. This week I am thinking pork butt!

Mike Tule says:

I was BBQ ing a minute ago and my fire was going to where I didn't put it lol

Northeast Drone Productions says:

Awesome. Doing one on the weekend. Looking forward to it, hope it turns out the same as yours. Cheers mate :)

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