Braised Lamb with Radishes & Mint – Basque-Inspired Braised Lamb Shoulder

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Learn how to make a Braised Lamb with Radishes & Mint Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Basque-Inspired Braised Lamb with Radishes recipe!

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Yanuario Arias says:

lamb looks great, radishes are shit. great job.

Mildrid J says:

Fairly easy to find "where"? I am sixty-nine years old and have never seen radishes like that. I have lived in Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois and California and the only radishes I have seen has been 'round'. So where are they exactly 'easy to find'?

Rat_kinG says:

she was super crazy

Cyndi Foore says:

I love lamb, my favorite meat.
I’ve never seen these radishes in my grocery but I’ll use the regular ones if I can’t find them anywhere.

Ann Sidbrant says:

Love raw radishes and tend to dislike cooked vegetables. So the cooked radishes are probably not for me. The lamb might be nice, and I think I'll like the mint sauce… but in any case, it is always a joy to just listen to Food Wishes and Chef John!

PJBearstein says:

And as always, don't sing.

San Ansa says:

I really like the mint and the sauce,but I am trying to wonder how it tastes with radishes, which are very bitter. People used to add them to salads, but I don't see it as often anymore.

stylecollective says:

Homemade MSG! I'm intrigued now. If this tenderizes the lamb the way I think it will this recipe might just make it onto my Easter Buffet this year 🔪

Bapi KAR says:

Mouth watering

Jane Poultney says:

To anyone who's made this. what do the cooked radishes taste like?

Tiny Room Studio says:

since you keep asking, my food (related) wish is the painful and drawn out death of the inventor of yellow oreos

but i'm guessing that's beyond the scope of this channel

Bob Loblaw says:

In the world of conspiracies it may turn out Mary never had a little lamb, who's fleece was white as snow.

Mel N says:

Annoying voice over. I had to mute

Kevin B says:

Nobody is commenting about trying this? I did, used regular radishes and a boneless lamb shoulder roast (sliced into two 'steaks'). One of the best things I have ever tasted, much less cooked myself. A+++ recipe!

Bonnie Cotman says:

Those radishes look like great potato substitutes.

Sonia Benhamou says:

Delicious! Thank you for this recipe!!!

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