Breakfast & Dinner Detox Week: Gluten & Dairy Free

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I took the first week on January to reset my diet and taste buds by staying diary free, gluten free, and simple/processed sugar free. This was surprisingly easy and we still ate our typical traditional diet.

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I’m a stay at home mom to two girls ages 3 and 1. I like to laugh, read, keep a clutter free home and live on a budget.


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Fancy Plants says:

Thank you for sharing! Our family went through a "reset" period after my husband was diagnosed with high BP and cholesterol awhile back. After some trial and error, I'm a believer in the "crowd out instead of cut out" approach: Rather than focusing on what to exclude from our diets, we gradually introduced more new foods (e.g., leafy greens, colorful fruits and veg, beans and whole grains, nuts and seeds), and much of the junk we had been eating was naturally crowded out. It also worked for us to involve our kids (6 and 8 at the time) with meal planning and prep. Good luck! ❤

J Showalter says:

Resets can help you so good! I am currently sugar free, alcohol & caffeine free due to some health issues going on. Giving up caffeine was SO HARD at first! I now do caffeine free teas, or teechino which is a chicory carob coffee alternative. I've also done dairy free and gluten free in the past…. I don't completely avoid those now but do try to limit my intake.

MyEveryDayWifeLife says:

Everything yo ate looks really good! Great Healthy choices!! I have been trying to eat Gluten Free since October 2015. I waver back in forth because I have no will power sometimes. I have Hashimotos Auto Immune Disease so being gluten free really helps with inflammation. I feel really good when I stick to being gluten free.

Jennifer Ann de la Torre says:

Patricia: I have been vegan for over three years; I do not eat grains because of my acne and irritable bowel syndrome. If you adopt a plant based diet, you will not have to "reset." You can be vegan or plant based year round. May I ask if you suffer from premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD? I suffer from PMDD and have exhausted all the treatments I know of. I was treated by a naturopath which was unsuccessful. After testing, I did not qualify for a hysterectomy; oral contraceptives did not help either. I now take Midol for PMS and joint pain to treat my PMDD. Maybe I can research vegan foods for PMS or PMDD. Plant based foods have serotonin which treats depression. I was coached by my naturopath regarding my vegan diet. You can also see a dietician or nutritionist if you want to make dietary changes for your family. I highly recommend professional help and guidance for dietary issues and blood work by your doctor.

LoveAboveAllwithBrandis says:

Patricia! These were great ideas:) It is so true how after the holidays we must reset. Sugar is my biggest weakness too:-) Gf/df has worked so well for me. I love your new channel name and your consistency! Such wonderful things ahead for you Ms. Patricia! ❤❤❤❤—– Brandis

Caprice Jaynice says:

Nice video! Thanks for sharing. I love your channel! Subbed & gave a big thumbs up. You rock! Hope you can take a look at my channel & subscribe back 🙏🏾 it would mean a lot to me. I make cover videos.Cannot wait to see more videos from you! Wishing you a lot of success for 2017✨

Simple Full says:

AWESOME! I'm really wanting to eat this way! Thanks for the ideas!

eyelashalot says:

just subbed found out about your channel from hillary from my so called home, I've been watching your videos def enjoying the content of each, i like the variety in your meals, :)

toledoleslie says:

I like the reset idea. I was vegetarian/vegan for 16 years (decided to stop with first pregnancy) and have really been contemplating going back to that, partly because I believe it is healthier for me and the environment, but also because my husband was recently diagnosed with a kidney issue and needs to avoid animal products. One daughter and I do best GF, I do best DF, my other daughter has a hard time gaining weight (and is very picky) so dairy and carbs are wins for her, and my son will thankfully eat anything. Mostly I want to run out of the kitchen screaming, throw everyone a smoothie and some popcorn and hide. One switch my whole family is digging is cubed, roasted, seasoned sweet potato in place of meat for taco salad, burrito bowls, etc.

Grace Filled Nest says:

Love this, I'm working on this, and it's been so hard. You encouraged me to do it, I have to because of my health issues. But I'm still weaning myself from the holidays. Tfs ❤️

Rikki says:

Yay! I normally eat GF/DF, but this video motivated me to go SF too!

Saadi Dou says:

Hilary from mysocalledhome sent me here. new sub! :)

mattandemm says:

I love seeing other people's meal ideas! We seem to have similar diets. I totally agree about having so much respect for people who are vegan or gluten free and we strive to incorporate eating that way sometimes, but definitely not all the time. I'll definitely have to try out some of your banana cakes!

Dorothy Nelson says:

Love the new name of your channel. PERFECT for you! I have been making Breakfast a priority, as I was skipping it before. Now I eat every 3 hours and keep my metabolism going. I also struggle with that 8:00 pm time. I have been making organic popping corn with avocado oil on the stove then adding sea salt and nutritional yeast. LOVING IT! Love your content :)

CherylAndFamily says:

I came over from My So Called Home ~ Subbing you now new friend ~ This video was for me as I'm trying to eat better.

Gentle Thrifty Mama says:

Awesome! 8 o'clock tv time. Yes, staying tuned for that :)

Alisha Sands says:

my so called home sent me here love ur videos now thank u!!

Marathonmom24 says:

That TV time snacking gets me every time! Ugh

Finding a way says:

First off… yum! second off my daughter is always gluten free so she will appreciate this video. She is anti avacado but did recently try Guacamole and is a fan now. I am trying to get her to expand her food items. She also tried ham and bean soup and loved it. Which was great because she is normally anti beans. I have done the whole30 in the past and will be doing another one coming up sometime this year, doing the planning now for it and after wards planning on eating cleaner… but not in a super crazy restrictive or expensive sense. I love vegetables and healthy foods. I need to get better about cooking and prepping things a head of time because I also like simple and easy and quick meals. Stirfry is one of my favorite veg packed meals. I have done toasted sesame oil and a bit of grated ginger as a no additive flavor.

The Mommy Archives says:

I'm the same way with snacks! Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

Mimi's Mixed Bag says:

Thanks for some great meal ideas.
Love the new channel name too. It's perfect!!

Allison McCabe says:

Seeing as you aren't vegetarian/vegan I am interested to hear why you choose to use almond milk? This is nonconfrontational, I am just curious to hear other people's food thoughts! We follow a diet of traditionally prepared food as much as possible and have found raw dairy to be best for our family. I consider non dairy milks to be highly processed foods, especially when purchased from the store, and usually include guar/xantham gums, carrageenan or other thickeners. Loving your new channel name and upload schedule!

Irma Cortez says:

all these meals ideas were awesome.

Annie's Simple Life says:

Yay GF DF SF!! Way to go Patricia! 👏🏻💕 I feel SO much better eating this way!

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