Breakfast taco waffle

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Omelet, prosciutto, cheese and tomato. This will feed 2 adults

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dry potato and jam says:

You the man JB 👊

Luke DAWG says:

That Omelet looks awesome and Moe Howard took really good care of his brother Curly after he had a stroke.

Marcus Hender says:


Crab, Chilli and Cheese Waffles are good, too.

Yeah, the whole C-19 thing is crazy right now….The supermarkets over here are reducing their opening hours as 'people' were going in there at silly o'clock in the morning and taking pallets of products, literally off of the delivery trucks.

One 'hero' even got physical with the checkout Lady when she told him he couldn't purchase multiple litres of milk – Oh, how I wish I was in that supermarket right at that moment!!!

Anyway, thanks for the great video Man and stay safe during these crazy times!!!

keith bettag says:

jb, hey boy, id have to say this is one of the better vids u ever did, from start to finish, luved it,,,,y'all stay safe down there

1WickedAngel1 says:

🤗💙Hey boy 🤗💙
Looks delicious 😋 I want the waffle taco with the fried egg & tomato ! 😋🌮
Take'r'easy boy ! Love Ya ! 💙
God bless 🙏❣

Moo Cow says:

love that shirt thats as iconic as the shirt with the dogs playing poker from the 1970s

Tipping Toast Media says:

It was my pleasure boy! Glad you love the new channel banner! Thanks for more breakfast videos! Love the cheese move in the waffle maker! I will try this.

Eli Colner says:

Dude that 🌮 looks really delicious thanks for sharing your supergenius on this matter

L Wisby says:

Love the food, I am drooling, now I am going to start making waffles again :) Also love the T Shirt and banner. I remember those days when my great aunts and uncles still lived the way you described, there were magazines in the outhouse, no toilet tissue and the pots beside the beds. They raised and grew everything they ate, made their own clothes. My grandmother (who has been gone for many years) told me they didn't have any money in those days but life was better then. Looking at the world today, I believe her.

Mary Ellen Rossi says:

WOW does that look good!!! And as for the Coronavirus, Mr. Wisby?'s statement….I agree…..don't go nutso fruitcake with fear but use common sense, take care of cleanliness, wash your hands!

Jeff Watson says:

We are so glad you are back making videos. Your videos are getting better all the time. You do first rate food and we do lots of riffs on your recipes.

ti portangeles says:

I love your channel and your content. You're the sweetest and most handsomest , man on YouTube. I've actually tried several of your recipes. Your wife is so lucky to have such a wonderful man that's such a good cook and so handy, in her life! (I would give my right elbow to have my husband cook even some scrambled eggs for me….All he can cook is my leftovers, which he just microwaves. LOL!) Your breakfast waffle looked incredible! How inventive with the cheese crisps! Love from me to you. (I'm just an old Granny who appreciates a good man!!!!!!!!) You are a rarity in this world!

Confed Vet says:

Hey Moe, Hey Larry, the cheese! WOO WOO WOO WOO

pavelow235 says:

So SEAN PAYTON has COVID19…are there any more deniers and retards left? Or are they now running for the hills and no longer spreading their BS.

Jerry Foltz says:

Where did you get that awesome shirt

D Stoakes says:

dang! that looks real good!

ed crouse says:

Lookin Great JB!! Thanks for the cool Vid!!

Shea Crowley says:

Thats a serious taco boy. YUM

jeff caudill. CRUM says:

Yea Boy nothing wrong with that opossum and sweet tatters granny made on the Beverly hillbillies

Michael Sullivan says:

I watched the vid with my hand up between my eyes the way Moe was staring at me!

Alex O'Brien says:

JB ya done it again. You planned my Saturday morning for me, yet again. 😉

RJ OnTheBayouMan says:

Great to see you up and at umm. You look great! Thanks for the sober reminder, pun intended.
GOD, Guns & Gumbo

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