Bringing It Home- Chef John Folse Seafood Recipes

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Join Laura McIntosh today on Bringing It Home as she cooks with the King of Creole, Chef John Folse. Watch as they prepare three fresh seafood recipes such as the Whole Grilled Snapper, Shrimp Creole and Black Eyed Pea Batter Shrimp.
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Yoha T says:

All those poor fishes you baked them all those years, they will eat you one day!

Tony J. Aviles says:

John Hypocrite!!….Watched an episode of his show yesterday….The dishes were with Turtle….They did a feature on the Alligator Snapping Turtle, stating that that breed is on the Endangered Species List, and are trying to repopulate the species….So, they get back to the cooking….Folse makes a turtle soup….Not just ANY turtle soup, but ALLIGATOR SNAPPING TURTLE SOUP!!!!….WTF??….Just got done a piece on that breed and now he's cooking one…..I lost all respect I had for that hypocrite low life shit stain!!!!!!!….Hope he dies a very slow death by cancer!

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