Broccoli Salad, Best Old Fashioned Southern Salad Recipes

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Fresh and Tasty Broccoli Salad. CVC Southern Cooking. This is a tasty and easy Broccoli Salad that is a real crowd pleaser. It is a great side dish when you want something a little different!

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DO YOU REMEMBER that good old southern cooking? When I was growing up, my granny was my favorite cook. My mama was an amazing cook as well, but there was just something about being in granny’s kitchen. We all gathered around the table when we went to her house. She had a kitchen that was about 12×12 . She had a round table in the center. There was never a time when there wasn’t something on that round table that we could eat. She made a pan of biscuits every day and a pawn of cornbread. She grew almost everything she made in the garden and canned many of her foods. She had a smoke house and that is where she stored her sweet potatoes and her russet potatoes. Granddaddy took the corn (field corn) that they grew to the feed mill every year so she had her own homemade cornmeal. If you want to learn how to cook like this woman, all you have to do is watch my southern cooking tutorials and you will become one of the best Southern cooks around. Your family and friends will love everything you make, and you will have more company and more company means more love in your home and heart! Thank you so much for being a part of this dream of mine. I want everyone to enjoy the same flavors and types of food that we (our family) grew up eating.
I have made it so easy for you to learn how to cook like my granny and mama did with cooking tutorials for each and every recipe in our cookbooks. You can see how to order these by visiting us on our website. Oh and no difficult to find or crazy ingredients! Just simple ingredients and really good food.

Hey yall!, it’s Tammy with Collard Valley Cooks! I am a southern girl born in raised in Collard Valley in Polk County Georgia. My entire (Benefield) family had around 150 acres and we mostly raised cattle. We raised our own corn for feed so it was field corn. We also raised our own hogs for sausage and bacon, and of course our own beef. We fed our bulls seed before sending them to the butcher so the meat would be delicious. Not sure why everyone wants grass fed beef and free-range chickens. They really do not taste as good as those fed with feed. We had a large family and when I was young all of daddy’s brothers and sisters lived in the valley around his parents. It was a great place to grow up with lots of things to see and do all around. Country people like us love the smell, beauty and fruit of the land. Daddy coon hunted for fun, and we watched our tv together in the living room at night while mama watched her soap operas during the day. We went to church on Sunday, school during the week, the grocery store on Friday’s and that was our life. No vacations, no camping, just plain old southern country people


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Glenda Hawkins says:

Love that salad! And the chickens!

Tina Winspear says:

I love broccoli salad and I can't wait to try your version!! I love your Christmas dinnerware, what is it called? 🙂

RatTaxi says:

Know what's good, too? Drained crushed pineapple and rice vinegar instead of acv.

Sandra Koback says:

I have the same China! The broccoli salad looks delicious. I am going to make it today!

tamarack mi says:

I'm hungry now Tammy! :)

Deborah Jordan says:

Tammy where do you get your covers for the dish washer? Love this salad I’m going to try it. Have you ever tried it with yogurt instead of mayonnaise or salad?

Backwoods Country Boy says:

I remember my grandmother making this type of recipe. She would add dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots chopped walnuts and sliced almonds in with it. But there's one thing she always said, it ain't southern if it don't have blue plate mayonnaise in it LOL.

jas4925 says:

My favorite salad!!!

lorimc62lm says:

Yum! Happy New Years, Tammy and family! ❤

Lyn Landham says:

That looked SO good! I love everything about broccoli salad–the bacon, the raisins, the red onions, and of course, the broccoli. A friend of mine gave me her recipe, and she spelled it "Brockly Salad"! She said she liked to cook, not to spell!

Debby Eutsay says:

Love broccoli salad I mix my sauce up in a bowl and pour it in after everything is cut! I don't know how many people know this but never feed raisins or grapes to a dog it makes them really sick!

Victoria Evans says:

This version looks really good! I make a salad near to this but I add drained pineapple chunks instead of raisins and halved green grapes and one 8 oz. tub of vegetable flavored cream cheese and one shredded carrot and one cubed red delicious apple.
I will try this without vinegar. My family doesn't like vinegar. A very interesting salad. Many versions like a good potato salad. They are all delicious. I love your great videos! Thank you, CVC

Barbara Matheney says:

Love watching you cook! I had friends in Dallas. Lived in Marietta during my younger years, in 1997 and 1998. Made a lot of friends. Went back and worked there in the early 80’s. We had a camper on Lake Weiss and would go through Dallas to get to the lake. Miss my Georgia days.

Thomas Tommy says:

Damn, Send me that bacon, lol. Great video thanks for sharing.

annette g says:

❤️ Broccoli 🥦 Salad !!! Yum 😋!!! Thanks for sharing Tammy!!! ✨🎆✨🎇✨💖

Jane Martin says:

It's good with grated cheddar cheese, too!

Jane Martin says:

I love this salad but I like to mix the mayo, vinegar and sugar separately to dissolve the sugar first. Yummy!

jolyndaj says:

Looks fresh and delicious. 😊

Amanda Prescott says:

I've been making this for years it's my moms favorite! Except I use sunflower seeds instead of raisins💖

wendy aue says:

Love me some broccoli salad. Looks great

Cherie Hosey says:

Broccoli salad looks delicious.
I will be making it.

Sue Boeck says:

I didn’t know you had chickens😃😃

Susie M says:

Such a pretty salad and it looks delicious! I think it would be good with dried cranberries added too!

Melvia Sheppard says:

I have got to try this. Cooking and watching CVC videos is FUN !
But I think that I need to buy the cook book. 🤔

Marilyn McClintock says:

Good recipe. Yes, must have the sugar in this one. Thumbs up!
Grandma Sue in central Indiana and Izzi Too

Sheila Bundren says:

I will make this. Thanks for sharing.

Stephenrsm7600 says:

You broccoli salad looks Delish!!! I have to try this dish!!

Candi Archibald says:

Looks so yummy, one of my favorites.

Alis Skånetös says:

Mmm yummy something healthy…😮 what the?!? Lol Sugar…mayonnaise…looks good though…would at least skip the sugar…thanks for the dinner tip 🌺

cutum says:

Thats looks really good!

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