BROCCOLI SALAD | the perfect party salad recipe

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This delicious broccoli salad recipe is a combination of broccoli, bacon, red onion, cranberries, sunflower seeds and goat cheese. And it’s topped with a creamy mayonnaise yogurt dressing. It’s super easy, healthy and unlike most broccoli salad recipes – there’s no sugar added!

Broccoli salad is perfect for parties, potlucks and barbecues because it’s durable and won’t wilt. In fact, it gets better with time! For a dairy-free version of this salad make sure to read the blog post below. Enjoy!

For the FULL Broccoli Salad recipe:

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Organic Dried Cranberries:
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Ryan's Mom says:

Wow! You are so amazing!

Yarénis Peralta says:

I love this! can I do my mayo in my vitamix?

prayatna sharma says:

Intake of raw eggs reduces the absorption of Biotin ( a component of vitamin B complex) due the higher presence of avidin found in raw egg. Its raw intake may lead to vit b deficiency.

Songbird For Jesus says:

Great clean recipe. Here in the South, it's grated cheddar or yellow raisins. This is a step up. Yum.

JuNkY LaCoUr says:

I did this recipe and it was delicious the only problem is that the raw broccoli it is indigestible ,i was so sick on my stomach , so i recomend to cook a little bit the broccoli. But the recipe was so good.

Harrrgh says:

Looks amazing!

Chewlie mukbangs says:

This is what I've been looking for!! Thanks!!

Carolyn Martin says:

What brand of bacon did you use?

Carolyn Martin says:

How long does home made mayonnaise last? Love how simple your recipes are and you seem so down to earth as a person. You are very easy to follow and listen to. Love your channel!

IamIceQueen7 says:

i never had raw broccoli !! I'll give this a go
btw just discovered your channel and subscribed ! i love it already

RiseUpBlue says:

This is a really old recipe. I made this 25 years ago 🙂. Great to see it come back.

Biodaemonium Illustration says:

Can you use a different dressing? I’m currently mayoed out 😆😂

Jules Geremaia says:

That salad looks AMAZING! I just love your channel!

Beverly Lewis says:

Do you wash the broccoli? I would soak in salt or vinegar.

A C says:

Just a little tip.. whenever i take this dish to church functions, etc.. I put my broccoli in the food processor and pulse it a few times.. It's more enjoyable if you are not trying to bite and chew down the big pieces of broccoli.. Older people love it because they usually have a lot of dental work, etc. :)

Augusta Yarteh says:

ooh boy that a great preparation; ooh my God. I just don't like to eats raw broccoli and raw onions I prefer to steam them easily before eating them raw. Honestly beside that ,I really love that healthy food preparation. OOh my God it looks so yummy. Wow I like those kind of food.

Cat T says:

I'm not a big cranberry or sunflower seed fan so I would substitute chopped walnuts and just leave any kinds of seeds out. Maybe add celery as I love celery. But the recipe looks good and healthy and I'm definitely going to try it.

lucky vanilla says:

make sure to grab the biggest spoon around, this is incredibly good! 👍👍👍 thanks!

mayapapaya77 says:

Love broccoli salad but I've never made it. Yours looks amazing! Thanks for showing me how to make mayonnaise; i didn't realize it was so easy!!

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