Butternut squash ravioli – Italian recipes – Rachel Allen

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Make a delicious butternut pasta dish with Rachel Allen. Full recipe at goodfoodchannel.co.uk – http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/629530.

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Colm Fahy says:

roast the butternut squash is far better than frying

odn op says:

your recipes are full of fat. are not healthy

shyartist33 says:

If all she does is copy the old recipes from history than that in itself is
not “original”??? Making variations on it makes it more original than just
copying? Right? Not all ravioli is stuffed with pork sausage. Any one with
an open mind should know that. It’s healthier to stuff it with butternut
squash than greasy meat?

equitably says:

Butternuts are about the dullest pumpkins there are, colour- and tastewise.

jellydoughnut85 says:


odn op says:

no nothing Italian in this recipe. I can not believe that people are
capable of ruining recipes that have years of history and culture.
Transformed into a thing has no name .. shame

shyartist33 says:

Julia Child used whole ingredients such as cream and butter, and she lived
to be at least 90 years old!!! So what you say is not entirely true at all.

alleo says:

I met Rachel at Tastefest Cork. One of the nicest people I ever had the
privilege of speaking with. Then I look at Sandra Lee and Rachel Ray in
America and cringe. Rachel could wipe the floor with them!

Lucia Lazarte says:

Ok, you are fantastic! But please, could you speak a little more paused?
the world is watching and listening to you,;remember, the whole world does
not speak English as the first language and that inclused me. Thanks!

babycakesjk says:

I’d really like to try making something like that. Never had ravioli like

kush says:

Thank you to UKTVFood Channel for sharing at least this bit with the rest
of the world. I must say that Im really very sad and disappointed with BBC
Food Website for having a treasure of recipe-videos and not sharing it with
the rest of the world. The videos on BBC Food Website can only be viewed by
people in UK. Ever since I left UK, BBC Food Website has proven to be
utterly useless.. Think its high time BBC did something about this ..
fingers crossed..

odn op says:

do not try this recipe. is not original and not healthy

shyartist33 says:

So what if it’s not 100% “Italian”? She’s an open minded chef! Any chef
knows that recipes are a base for many variations on that theme. And I’m
not so sure that this recipe is not done in Italy. I’ve seen this type of
stuffing used in an episode of Lidia’s Italy, and I’m pretty sure SHE is
Italian! There are savory and sweet ravioli. Some use meat, vegetable, or
fruit filling. And actually when used in moderation these ingredients are
not that un healthy. Some dietary foods are not so “diet”.

besamemucho5 says:

it is hard to believe that she looks that nice …eating butter and
pasta?…unless she doesn’t eat what she cooks….

shyartist33 says:

Oh…and you dont have to watch her if you dont like her. Go eat some grass
and sticks from the back yard, smothered in puddle water if that’s what you
prefer. Even though it’s probably all polluted and covered in chemicals
from our lovely polluted society.

AliLove95 says:


davo614 says:

God I love watching her russle up some grub. Her Irish tones relax me.

shyartist33 says:

Actually when consumed in moderation these ingredients (when at good
quality) are not that unhealthy. In fact some are quite beneficial. Some
dietary milks and sugar substitutes are not that healthy either, and some
can actually be more harmful than the originals. The key is moderation and
the highest quality of these ingredients you can afford. Quality makes a
big difference not only in taste, but in purity, which is actually more
healthy. Crappy ingredients yield crappy results.

casualastheycome says:

i would suck a fart out of her ass, if she asked me to

odn op says:

do not try this recipe.is not original and not healthy.contains lots of fat
such as butter and cream

DessertVlogs says:


bleeb129 says:

btw ur hot as hell. amazing video too

Gustavo Olivera says:

Very practical, easy and quick. I like it. I’ll try to make it some time.

Gianni Galeffi says:


kush says:

Its really very sad to find not many videos of Rachel’s fantastic cooking
on the internet. Rachel, you really need 2 do something as there are so
many people who love your cooking out there… TV is just not enough as
lots of things can be missed out whilst taking notes, and every body like
my self will not have the facility to tape your shows.

Anna Liza Lacson says:

Very well instructed. very articulate and understandable. excellent Rachel
Allen! tnx!

shyartist33 says:

There is no such thing as an original recipe anymore, only variations on a
theme. It’s the skill and execution of the chef, breaking the components
down for viewers, and open minded takes on originals with twists on them
that are the mark of a good chef. All chefs make classic recipes their own
way, that’s their signature. Other chefs do the same thing on broadcasts
all the time, why is she any different? Do you just simply not like her? If
so just say it instead of bending facts about her.


sooo much butter very french

MissNoots says:

@Czarna6Kijana Her knife skills are much better than Nigella’s. Watching
Nigella use that mezzaluna on some strawberries makes me cringe.

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