Cajun black eye peas n smoked sausage

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with cracklin cornbread MMMMMMMMMMM,mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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sl1950 sl1950 says:

rouse or ralfs thanks

Karl Ruehs says:

He has a Tupperware coll-under!

MsRasheada says:

looks delicious!

DaSmokinB0ss says:

Man I love your recipes! You are one funny guy, JB! Fried and smoked, that's where it's at!!!

tom says:

Tried it, was great. Had to use some Publix sausage….best I can do in Florida. Corn bread was a little dry…but we ate it. Thanks again, keep 'em coming. U.Tube pay this man for this great stuff….one of the best on U.Tube….BOY…..

NSarge87 says:

@007bondjb I could tell. Musta been a lot of work. Boy you are really on a cooking streak here, putting out a ton of vids. Good job.

So how are we gonna get a decision on the cookoff? You should tell everyone to vote and you guys tally the votes or something. It sure was fun to watch.

1977mrjeff says:

Hey JB I love your videos!! Keep up the good work. You should be on TV!! I have been telling all of my friends about you. Just a question.. what size pot do you cook your beans in? Is it a 4 qt or smaller?

daryljo1 says:

Yeah, cracklin cornbread sounds good next time if you don't eat the ingredients first. Man, I got a question: How come your Orange Beach coozie is always upside down? Just wondering… I like Rouses sausage too. Double D in Bogalusa, LA is my favorite though. Ever try that one? Also, Wrights thick sliced bacon is a good brand. Thanks, Professor.

tom says:

Want to start cooking after this video….Keep em' coming….Need to show the cracklin corn bread sometime….Thanks Great Video

Party_tain says:

I was just wondering if you have ever ate/made any poke salad. I know its kinda dangerous to make, but if you ever have some, they're good as hell. I just wanted to know if you could do a video on poke salad or direct me to someone who has one.

NSarge87 says:

@BeeRich33 Yeah, I was wondering about that too. It was under the pot with the beans. Is that to prevent them from burning?

NSarge87 says:

"Fanatic about clean…" Haha, have you seen your stove? It actually looks cleaner in this vid.

I think I woulda eaten all of the pork rinds too. I love em.

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