Cajun chicken stew

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Just like La La’s restaurant used to make

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Heath Sampey says:

roux ain't dark enough

Sam Vernon says:

JB I love watching you and I always crack a cold one with you!! THANKS FOR THE VIDEOS!!

TheGuitar1962 says:


Kathy Worthington says:

How is yours so loose and u didn't add water??

Kathy Worthington says:

I added Rachel ray poultry seasoning so it smells good…. I hope this mess turn brown!

Kathy Worthington says:

I put 2sticks of butter and 1 1/2 cup flour for my rue!! It was glue so I added water. I'm stirring now for 15 mins!

Kathy Worthington says:

JB I'm in trouble I think!!!

ashanta hightower says:

That is gravy an rice an,baked chicken

ashanta hightower says:

U use to much oil y so much fat u dnt need all that

sirpilf says:

cajun food is amazing. im from minnesota in the USA, might as well be canadian. but some of the best things to come out of america are blues, jazz, and CAJUN food. i am a big fan of a lot of middle eastern or indian food, and curries, and cajun food to me is similar in a way, very strong and spicy flavor. but cajun comes from the south, like Louisiana and Mississippi. Up north where I am our traditional foods are very different.

BeerBreak says:

Natural Ice has that full bodied flavor that I like!

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