Cajun cole slaw & hot dogs with chili

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leftover chili

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martin blouin says:

you live in norht Carolina?

ThisGuyCanCook1 says:

Looks good got any sauerkraut recipes?

Fielderfarms says:

Hell Yes….Let's eat.

Jason Giddens says:

Heart burn grand central! Hell ya wait for me!

neptunetm says:

Damn, JB – that looks absolutely fantastic! I'm definitely gunna make me some of that slaw!! Likes like a nice change-up from mayo-based. Dogs look damn good, too. Good work!

Oh, and nice burp! :-)

Cookin with SurfinSapo says:

Chang Approved JB!!

nonethousand says:

Slaw almost always has a bit of sugar in it, this NC style stuff seems real fresh and healthy without any of that mayonnaise. I like to add a pinch of celery seed to my cole slaw, it's a real nice flavor but it would probably be overpowered by all that horseradish and garlic powder. Good stuff!

29render says:

I got a case of heartburn just looking at them stills! Looks great tho!

29render says:

"not going to repeat vids anymore"??!! Not at all? You going to start cooking with soy or something non-union like that? Your going to run out of good stuff to cook boy! Your an entertainer JB and aint no real fan of yours gonna care if your repeat!

Jack Spicewood says:

Great job as usual. Ty JB.

Kirby Weldon says:

makes me so unbelievably ridiculously hungry.

Vapid Villainess says:

I am from Lexington NC, the BBQ Capital of NC. We have a sweet and tangy slaw recipe.

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons black pepper
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons vinegar
1/2 cup ketchup
2 cups cabbage, chopped

hanoibomb says:

Is it me, or is JB listening to KISS at 5:15 or so?

jdinky3 says:

looks damn good JB, I wonder if your nonunion wife an kids have the same trouble as you opening those nonunion bags?

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