Cajun Creole beef Grillades with Crowder peas

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Rice & brown gravy Buttermilk biscuits with a Dutch apple pie.

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Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Rice & wine gravy, Buttermilk biscuits with a Dutch apple pie too!

Yum? Damn Rite Boy!
If this don’t give your heart a lube job, Your dead…

Southern comfort food at its finest.
Hell Yeah to the Yum!!!

FitAnge S says:

That looks so delicious JB omg yum. I’d love to try a dish like that 


Dammit Boy, you sure know how to make me homesick JB!!! I whipped up a
batch of those Crowders you sent me last night, but I didn’t have any
Tasso!! They were pretty darn good with some smoked ham hocks though. The
Grillades looked superb as did that Apple pie. Mrs. JB’s biscuits looked
great too. Great video JB and thanks so much for mentioning my channel.
Hope you have a wonderful week!!!! Give the Mrs. a hug from ole T-Roy!!!

Kelly Carpenter says:

Great looking food JB! YUM is right :D

Christopher Brown says:

one question JB,if u dont mind my asking this,but what temperature was the
water you used to re-hydrate the freeze-dried trinity,cold,room temp,or

Jon Jukes says:

JB, what’s your advice when it comes to simmering? I noticed that I have to
add water after I simmer for a while. I’m a little nervous that the flavor
will be diminished. 

Lil'DisLil'Dat says:

Yum, looks great..

Dan Webster says:

Wow this looks so good. What do you do with the REX Chow chow?

Anonymoose says:

PS – Camellia is now doing free shipping on orders over $25. UhBoy.

Helen Lane says:

ya killing me here! now I am starving!!!

Thaneii says:

Ya got another winner, JB. 

sonothesouth says:

Good Lawd; he is my brother from another Mother! You can take his recipes
to the bank and they will cash them; they are that good!

Perry Jeselink says:

Son! I know what’s on the menu for tonight. I plan on scoring some extra
brownie points with this one. Sweet mother of pearl. 

Anonymoose says:

Mighty fine lookin’ feed, Boy! That gravy looked really rich!

antique says:

Good job. Here’s one we ate back in the 1970’s. Chicken livers baked in
the oven sprinkled with curry powder. When they were done they were mixed
with the crowder pea heating on the top of the stove. Then the whole mess
was ladled into a big crater of mashed potatoes.

Mr.StandStrong says:

Looks great brother! My wife is looking for some new pots and pans JB! What
do you think about your Magnalite?

Tango Joe says:

Now that is some mighty fine him cooking, perfect for this time of year!

jportale says:

Dang it, now I’m hungry. 

Jonathan Freeman says:

Uh hell ya YUMMM !!

K Wil says:

That look fine JB and I love that pot! Didn’t know bout that cast iron /
mater thing, thanks!

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