Cajun Creole Pastalaya

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Thanks Allen…

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Emeraldkut says:

Please tell me where you from. My family from down the bayou in Plaquemine, LA. If I close my eyes, I can hear my grandpa, daddy, and all his brothers in your voice. Love!!!

AussiePierogi says:

I am sure you have been informed already but No. (what ever) in this case 4 is relating to the thickness of the spagettie. I have seen it go from No.1 throught to No.7

AussiePierogi says:

i have been spending half a day converting mesurments xD Greeting From AUS

Sodeggy says:

Yum. Gotta make this. Although, using frozen trinity, in my opinion, is somewhat blasphemous. There are those who'd wish you excommunicated from the Church of Seasoned Gourmands, but I'd disagree with them, as you make so much food from scratch so wonderfully, you're allowed to use Cryogenic Trinity.

Your videos are awesome and they fatten me. Thank you.

29render says:

I would like to bite the face of the non-union shithead who disliked this meal…just saying!

KasCooks says:

Mmmmmm Boy! Both meals looked great, good work Mr. JB.

SBY sparky says:

At 14:29 was that a "Drunk ass dog with a chicken hat and you know what, comin out his rear?"

Standard420247 says:

I got the same black handled pot BOY!

TheBkalex2010 says:

The ribeye looks great!

sol rosenberg says:

black eye peas fresh, OUT THE CAN BOY!! I am glad you took the time to wrench those chicken ties off in the zinc. Hey JB, you think you could teach us how to make dirty rice?

dawg1157 says:

This is a non-union question, but are black eyed peas and crowder peas the same thing?

djqx says:

Looks great man! Making me hungry BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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