Cajun Fried pork chops with Beer

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Collard Greens with bacon & tasso, Crowder peas with tasso n bacon, Creamed tators n Poke chop gravy, Southern style cornbread n Butter

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yakuzelizard says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA…9:36 …"how ya like dat shit"…

brian1886 says:

10:21 lol the pinkie

brian1886 says:

what the hell is tasso?

brian1886 says:

i wish this cat was my uncle lol

Patrick Fogarty says:

I Just started watching your videos and i have to say i really enjoy them i think you are very funny the food you make looks so good.

Confed Vet says:

Pok, the other white meat. Looks good as usual JB..

Daisy Fielder says:

I like to bread mine and then put gravy over them with some taters and corn Yummmmm

Daisy Fielder says:

JB make some enchiladas green and red!!!! Or some shrimp cocktails but the Mexican kind!!!! Its a challenge do you dare!!!?

HatOnBkwd says:

YUM! Hell yeah!

Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens says:

Yuummmnneeess! Yeah, those pictsweet veggies are good! We have them here in Ga. Almost as good as the fresh stuff I grow in the gardens!

Joey ziglar says:

all this food looks yum

Kulinary Kreations says:

I'd like to try me some crowder peas they always look good. Great looking meal for the family JB! Smothered chops are so good! TFS and y'all take care 😀

BigMeat Sunday says:

Man those chops looked crazy good… I have no idea how that hello kiteh cup didint break when you dropped it in the cast iron pot, but damn that was funny!!! I thought that kinda thing only happened to me !  great  lookin meal bud, good stuff!

David Paddison says:

Oh my God i subscribed instantly. I was born in Baton Rouge and absolutely love cajun food. I cant wait to make this!

James B says:

diet water!!  I love this guy

Xeyedjohn says:

Great video, loved it.  My favorite part was the mopping dog earning his keep!

ready4pullback says:

Damn fine beer. My Fiancé met the CFO of Founders last night in Park City, UT! I'm a Michigan boy originally, Founders is one of my favorites! Their Breakfast Stout is liquid Heaven!

Vlad122982 says:

Pheeew… J.B. this video has given me the jone's for some pork chops!!! I like how you put the chops back in the gravy to simmer like you do with your Cajun gravy over steak and rice mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Phillip Hill says:

Two thumbs up and total yummness!  I imagine pussy cat on a tea cup would be pretty slippery! 

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