Cajun Red Beans and rice

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Southern Red Beans Boy

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cayogator says:

Each Monday in NoLa, redbeans and rice, a fng TRADITION !!! lol
i "rinch" mine lak my gran ma mere be dun taught me !

Jerri Howell says:

Thank you so much for recommending Camellia brand! They are awesome. Ordered online since we don't have these in western NC. Best beans and peas I've ever had!

avillias says:

Dude u crack me up lol

pete marrero says:

Started watching you about a month ago and have learned so much thanks JB…

socalprepper21 says:

What kinda "Pop" you drinking their? I bet it used to be my kind once upon a 
Love watching your videos, The way you talk is neat, my kid's daddy's family was/is from Louisiana lived out in Lafayette, and Pineville visited Alexandria here and there.
Love that Boudin oh how good that is, you make it? if so can you do a video on your Boudin please? Thanks the beans looked good, gotta make me some now I love good red beans and rice, and plain ole beans and rice to… 

Luke Pate says:

My dad was born in 23,passed in 97.Mom is 82 and we enjoy your show and we got them beans here in Texas finally.Krogers ever Walmart got em,:):):):)

Dreighen says:

JB I'd just like to state the value to the masses is invaluable. I would never give a 2nd thought to living in the south if it weren't for you.

salenaamarie1 says:


DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

Hey Jb I like the Oven ideal and may try that in the future,but I just got me a pressure cooker and may try the red beans in that, how well do you think they would work in a pressure cooker? Any Tips?

TangoSpiceCompany says:

The cornmeal pancakes sound great!

Anonymoose says:

Dammit, Boy! 2 pounds for $3, huh? I'm emailing Camellia on Monday and raising Hell. If one JB can get 'em on sale for that, then the other JB damn well better too. Discrim… I say, Discrim… I say Discrimination, Boy! I'll get my legal advisor Colonel Foghorn Leghorn after the varmints!

Got an unopened 2 pound bag of reds on hand, though, and I'm getting a hankerin'. And I do agree the recipe on the bag does make a great basic starting point. Just "adjust" to taste.

gasman says:

none ,just woke up and about too head down da bayou for a nice afternoon ride .its hotter than hell though

gasman says:

3 more beans will make it too farty too

gasman says:

if you add one more bean it will make it two farty(240}

gasman says:

you know you should only put 239 beans in a pot of red beans

AeroDoe says:

I sound like………… a TEACHER? That hurts, Buddy! Although after rereading my o.p., I agree with you: it's as boring as watching a banana take a nap. I sound like all the annoying and correcting teachers I used to loathe.

gasman says:

i came up with that hypothesis while partaking of a wild turkey and coke,and i too was just kidding.are u a bee keeper and a teacher?

jbk100 says:

Take a trip up to Denver, if it doesn't all burn down first, you can stay here. I want to try this recipre with some pinto beans.

jasongar8 says:

I love all your videos JB, but the old school Cajun dishes are my favorite! We can't buy Camellia brand bean here in TN so I picked me some up when I was in Gulf Shores, AL last week. I also stopped by a Cajun market and got some frozen andouille to bring home. Oh, and the AC in our condo would freeze you out if you cranked it down. It was cooler in GS than it was back here in Nashville.

Jason_D says:

yeah, it looked like a good time. i also remember like 2 or 3 years ago when you went to those boat races on the beach that looked really cool. but i hear ya about the heat, nothing worse then waking up from drinking pop's all day in a hot stuffy room.

Mark Henderson says:

rib tips? or is it just people New Orleans put that in their beans??

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