Cajun red beans Recipe

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New Orleans red beans rice with sausage, cornbread & Bacon apple pie surprise how to

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Jim Cash. says:

Boy, I say Boy….. them looking YUM.! I have to try them beans…..and that Pie..Yum !

JonWashburn says:

Thanks JB. Don't know how I missed this recipe.

Bonechia Alli says:

Can you order that sausage online? If not, is there a nice southern sausage that can be ordered online that you can recommend? Thanks in advance. 👏👏👏

Td190 says:

That's funny at 3:24

chalemi says:

at 3:24 really? Comon man, you have women watching this shit. Sometimes in an attempt to be funny, a person puts his foot in his mouth. Sad thing is, you're a good cook…don't need to be doing that. JMHO.

Luke Pate says:

Great JB,Buddy of mine i work with brings sAusage from Richards in Church point,man is that YUM !!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Waldon says:

My Grandmother used to say "wrench em" LOL. My other one used to say "rance em"

Anonymoose says:

Last order to Camellia, I stocked up, Boy. No more screwing around. I'm due for a batch of reds now, too.

LMAO @ "Don't make me come in there after you." Damn non union apples…

When that big hunk of rib meat came out in that spoon full, I started drooling. Now THAT looks good.

JC Paint | Paracord Workz says:

look over there boy dont be looking at my dik lol

theknob1 says:

JB, I love your vids but that is NOT corn bread! Jiffy…are you kiddin! Slap ya is great stuff! Keep up the great vids!

BurnsCanCook says:

"Look over there, boy, don't look at my dick!" I had to rewind that to make sure I heard you right! I've got a BBQ sauce I want you to try. It's called "The Best Barbeque Sauce You'll Ever Taste", and it's right up there in my book. If you shoot me your address, or P.O. Box number, I'll send a bottle your way. It's my go to sauce for pulled pork and BBQ chicken.

webstar12712 says:

Hey jb!! Have you heard of RICHWOOD smoked sausage?
man they're great!
You can get them a save a lot. try them out & leave me a message.

Ballistic BBQ says:

Damn JB….. I just ate and I'm ready to eat again! I freaking love red beans and rice man! And those little cornbread muffins… Oh yeah… Icing on the cake brother!

rollinthunder2 says:

I'm just curious who the two dumbasses were that disliked this…nonunion fosho!

1969rbmustangboss says:

I know you will be thoroughly ashamed of this Southern country gal, but I have never in my life eaten red beans and rice. I MUST cook some per JB's way. THEN, I will feel better about myself.
-Lisa (Toots)

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