Cajun Restaurants in Louisiana vs Cajun restaurants Not in Louisiana

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Authentic Cajun Cuisine vs Fake Cajun food my dog will not eat… Watch This Video for the Facts.

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John Hamburn says:

I once saw a video chef Ramsey did showing how to boil crawfish and omg did he get it so wrong. i cooked some on a pot on the stove and the only thing he put in the pot was salt. then when he peeled it, it wasn't cooked all the way through. a definite fail

davidmclifton90 says:

Love your recipes JB but what about Cajun or creole cooking in the Gulf South of Mississippi?

Xeyedjohn says:

Don't forget JB not all your videos are cooking or appliance repair. Some of them are Adult rants and pop drinking!

David Reid says:

Really good to see you are up and doing well. I went through the same stuff as you in 2015 ! Didnt lose any toes but still fight Staph till this day !…and yes…it was the same thing… too much beer drinking ! I stopped "Cold Turkey" and lost 40#. Looks like you have lost a few too !

Taylor Allen Group says:

Ok, It's been a couple of weeks without a video………..WHEREYA AT ABOY?!

Craig Jacob says:

Lmao. I was on the top of Ayala mall in Cebu city Philippines and they had a Bourbon st. Or New Orleans restaurant and i brought my now wife in there to eat and we walked in and I just took a long deep smell of the place and said come on baby lets go get something else lol.

t1too says:

this is newest vid that i found…i had a Q abt my wsm, boy..famous foghorn quote "he's as nervous as a centipede at a toe counting contest"

Wendy Bird says:

JB dropping dem truth bombs! Preach!

LoneWolfSigma says:

LOO – ZEE – anna…..a-boy

Will Dearborn says:

JB you are the bomb & I’ve learned many things from you that are just basic essentials. My favorite JB preferences are your outdoor cooking. But nonetheless I always gravitate to the JB . JB says it like it is,.

BigKeyvo says:

I agree, I’m from Louisiana but live in Georgia and I don’t even bother eating anything “Cajun” from a restaurant

BigKeyvo says:

I agree, I’m from Louisiana but live in Georgia and I don’t even bother eating anything “Cajun” from a restaurant

Jonathan Gibson says:

What would your definition of, or difference between, cajun and creole cooking? How do you feel about tomatoes in etouffee or gumbo?

primadayna says:

I could not agree more. There are even restaurants IN New Orleans that I've been shocked by. It's almost a travesty. Lived in Houston for several years and not one of the restaurants I went to got it right.

John Thomas says:

excellent video. If you feel up to it, how bout a video or two about your weight loss and lifestyle changes to be healthier? While what works for some may not work for others, I believe your story could be a guide or ways to others to find out what works for them. Don't dismiss your successes and failures in regards to helping others. You da man, JB. Thanks, boy!!

I'm Charming says:

You’re not very aware of the current American professional culinary atmosphere are you, JB? And all the research that has gone into it? I can tell, because you still do old school, disproven things like washing your chicken. I’m certain that any experienced chef who does their research can recreate authentic Cajun and Creole dishes. That cuisine is just like all cuisines, from all over the world… it’s no more complicated or special than say, Thai cuisine. It’s definitely less complex than most Asian cuisines, and thus easier to replicate. You really should check out what professionals are doing these days. I recommend watching and reading about any recipes that Bon Appetit tests. Kenji Lopez-Alt is also great. He even has a YouTube channel and approaches things scientifically. Cooking is just science; it doesn’t care who taught you how to do it or where you’re from, so long as you research, have the right ingredients, and are technically capable.

I'm Charming says:

So you’re essentially telling people to discriminate where they eat based on where people are from? This is offensive and you’re spreading disinformation. I like watching your videos, but I would recommend people not get their culinary advice from this plumber. I certainly won’t. Maybe this will work better on your Facebook page.

James DeMoville says:

I gotta agree with ya boy ! Ive had the pleasure of eating in south Louisiana as well as "other cajun places" north of Alexandria and it IS NOT THE SAME ! Most of it aint even close ! Just like mexican food & bbq outside of Texas. When I leave home i dont eat either one cause it aint gonna be right either.

Robert Thomason says:

Im sorry but you are an idiot. cajun food was not just only started in Louisiana. People in the surrounding area like Mississippi.

Smoked Reb BBQ says:

Some great life lessons there, Boy! I have been fortunate enough to eat some REAL cajun cookin' and let me say that you're speaking the truth when it comes to yankee cajun food – just walk out that door.

Geno E says:

Was that "Non Cajun Jambalaya" Creole or sumthin? From what I recall hearing Cajuns don't really use tomato like that but in Creole cuisine it predominates particularly because of the African and Italian influences.

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