Cajun Tasso red beans rice cornbread

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Scott Hobbs says:

Have you used pickled pork?

Darrell Hornick says:

So I have a question. The video, if you follow JB's instructions, is completely different tot he recipe in the link he provides at I've got the Camellia beans, pork Tasso and Andouille sausage but don't know which recipe to try and follow. Help JB, help!

Jay Bird says:

Never had that with boiled eggs JB, looks good….

Andrea Jones says:

do you have a website to get the receipt from

Jamie Brown says:

I love it when you through down man thats real southern hospitality right there

Gold Vulcan says:

Omg I didnt learn a dam thing I laughed so hard. I felt like I just seen foghorn leghorn in real life. I couldn't live there I would bust a gut on beer night lmao

Reggie50 Fishing says:

Hey JB baby, whatz up brother. Man like your videos son. Man mouth watering. Hey what's the web site for those red beans.

mark moorhead says:

This is the first video of JB's I've viewed. Imagine my surprise to find a whole passel of videos on all manner of cooking etc. I look forward to reviewing all the videos and more JB straight talkin: This is some good stuff.

archie megel says:

Verry sloppy cook lol

archie megel says:

He sounds like that old red neck that had his own cook show lol

Luke Pate says:

YUM BOY !!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year 2013 !!!!!!!!!! We have Allens Blackeyed peas,Cabbage and Morrisons corn bread for dinner tonight !!! YUM !!!!!!!!

Princess D says:

Love this!! I love home..Louisiana!!!

Roger Eden says:

some good eats right there !!!

jbk100 says:

Jb, I actually found camelia red beans here in Denver, I bought several packs. I missed my camelia so much, they do make a difference. I did your recipe tonight and they were double damn it yum boy!

T3me says:

Thanks for explaining the hows and whys of the stock for the red bean! I'll be ordering directly from Camellia – makes perfect sense! Double damn it YUM!!

hossychew says:

You get run outta town doin that shit!! haa haaaa!!

Jays12341 says:

@007bondjb bring it on boy! i love sweet taters

CuteCatFaith says:

This looks good. I had a Puerto Rican coworker in NYC who brought us homemade rice and beans in 1981 and I just couldn't get over how good they were. Been trying to get something like that since. I asked her how she made them and she just gave me a blank look, as though, they are just rice and beans! I agree with you, I made a nice chicken recently but I don't hardly use any poultry, ever. Much prefer pork or beef. Pork is a staple food here in France. Uprated.

jbc19621 says:

please put a link 2 that store.we can not get them here ( i am in prince edward edward island canada)

Walter Keathley says:

Hey JB, you think that you could make a jambalaya sometime? I have made it a couple of different ways and thought I'd ask you to do a video on it and see if there is something I could do to enhance mine. Thanks.

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

You did real good on this one I really want to try those beans

yardsausage says:

oh jb, you went and done it now, i'll have to make that this weekend,…boy ,girl , dog , and cat !!!!

Jack Spicewood says:

Hey JB….Great video as always! I have to thank you for turning me on to Camellia brand beans. No doubt….They make a BIG difference. I read that Louis Armstrong liked to put diced tomatoes in his red beans. I usually go with 8 oz of tomato sauce (no salt added) for every pound of beans. I add them after the beans get tender. That seems to make a really nice gravy. Thanks man, for all of your videos. You rock!

Food Porn Network says:

Damn that looks good.

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