Cajun VS Creole cooking with Barbecue ribs & stuff

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BOY! barbecue

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Michael Kohlman says:

I love this! Pretty good reasoning.

Sexacjun says:

Now this video just ain't right. Now you done gone and made me hungry for ribs. Alone with the music, I feel at home.

flanksteak2 says:

@hitmanface Yosemite Sam

Jordan S says:

: wipes drool off mouth :->

DangitBobby says:

Yummm boy! that looks great JB!!!!!!

Anonymoose says:

I had to watch ONE more, and what is it? FOOD! Damn you, JB! LOL

As an engineer / scientist all my life, I've tended to be ridikilus at times about precision when cooking and measuring. I can even be anal about slicing a mushroom and making every slice the same thickness. (Seriously!)

But some styles, like Cajun, make me unplug and remember that this many years down the road I KNOW how damn much of something goes in there just by looking and tasting. We are NOT building a nuclear reactor!

clintonmedic80 says:

great vid jb

29render says:

A smoke ring to die for…thanks for this one JB!

Jason_D says:

i envy how often you are able to bbq,i dont get to very often except when im at other peoples places,closest thing i got is a bottle of that liquid smoke you think so highly of lol,but hey it does add a decent smoke flavor especially to sauces.

Vapid Villainess says:

Everything looked yummy JB, you should sell your bbq meats. NOM NOM NOM!

Jason Giddens says:


12fitzgerald says:

luv that song cajun fiddle and the food porn…..

TycoTrainAL says:

Lordy! Nice food porn JB!

MsChopperdog says:

WOW, The eatin `s good at your house !

Rugergirl79 says:

little bit of this and a little bit of that. <<<exactly how i cook! love your vids jb… them!!

hitmanface says:

i want that intro as a message alert!

Mighty Spider says:

Ha Ha loved the intro

TonyMBBQ says:

Wow, just noticed you're nearing 800 vids!!

TonyMBBQ says:

Great lookin grub JB!

MadBadVoodo says:

Thumbs Up my Friend!!

getter7seven says:

Excellent assortment of pictures—surely has me hungry right about now!

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