Calling All Pie Haters, These Savory Pie Recipes Were Made For You

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1. Pizza Pot Pie:
2. Breakfast Shepherds Pie:
3. Loaded Baked Potato Shepherd’s Pie:
4. Hot Sandwich Pie:
5. Quick Chicken Pie:
6. Hamburger and Sausage Pie:
7. Covered Chicken Tart:
8. Pizza Rustico:
9. Raclette Quiche:
10. Spring Vegetable Quiche:
11. Tomato and Basil Torte:
12. Creamy Seafood Shepherd’s Pie:


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Donna Noe says:

These pies look disgusting for the most part. If you would have left the ham and eggs off of the 2nd one, that might have been ok. Ground meat is just gross. Any meat is gross.

Sam Butler says:

Pies are savoury by default

Ahiqur Rahman says:

This channel is not getting much of a views despite having over a million subscribers.


Im not doubting taste or anything, but that shait is unhealthy AF! all that meat and cheese, heart failure by the age of 50 for sure. Great vids doh.

궁동이 밥상 -Chef Jaden says:

Hi. I am a Korean chef. It's great to see a variety of dishes on your channel.❤❤👍👍👍👍

سلام says:

Ok but the music reminds me of mii sports… idk why

1,000 subs No videos says:

What is a pie hater

Frecie Magdirila says:

I would never eat any of these and I think all the pies look nauseating; yet, I gave this video a thumbs up, because i found the video format relaxing.

Foodie Lah! says:

Didn’t know there’re these diverse pies 👍 Thank you for sharing!

Rach Kate says:

Makes a quiche, calls it a pie.
Makes an individual pie, still a pie tho.

LocalJax ASMR says:

OMG this is really delicious pie recipe.
I'm surely gonna try this recipe today. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

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