Camaro tune n test with a triangle

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Gave my Z28 a tune up… This video was filmed in Mexico.

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1WickedAngel1 says:

WOO HOO ! ! ! Ur a jack of all trades ! Talented boy, you are !
Back in the day lol, I'm only 54 LOLing ! My ex & I rode bikes together. We had a lot of different bikes throughout the years. We had dirt bikes & road bikes & we used to do some pretty high jumps out in the trails & some pretty treacherous rock climbing ! After my son was born & he got older we took him too & his Dad bought him a dirt bike too. My son now has a crotch rocket & a Harley Shadow & a old but nice Mustang. My favorite bike to cruise on back in the day was my Suzuki 750 I loved that bike ! I learned how to ride on an old 354 Honda ! I've had some pretty cool cars too, an old supped up Nova, AMC Hornet, I learned to drive in that Hornet. I had a fast ass Lemans ! A fast ass Camero ! Anywho….Cool video JB ! Love Ya boy ❤️

Alpha Maximus says:

Did you get it running 14s in the 1/4 yet? Had my mom's 79 for a first car. Sounded good but it was a dog stock. Ran like 17s.

caleb coats says:

love your videos man i love in springfield la

Mac M says:

Air breathin naturally exasperated engines is da bomb…. boy.
And das a fine example of a finely tuned machine!
Now get you ass back out on da back patio, and show these damm new school half arsed BBQ channel world, how to cook a proper 10+ hr pork butt. (I know you've done it before. Revise and give us the improved and updated version).
Behave Boy!

fiber9m says:

You gotta love a Chevy. I gotta 76 Buick 225 with 455 v8. She's heavy but man she's got heart. Love your Camaro

The Woodshed Smoke & BBQ with Slowhand says:

Man that Z is sounding good buddy. She got rubber in second at part throttle! I say that is good! JB you got her tuned in very well..Cheers

Confed Vet says:

Surprised no calls the cops. Lol I miss my 70 and a half Camaro. Yes!, there is such a thing….

John&jane Doe says:

Damnit JB, just when I thought I seen it all from you!

Jerry Foltz says:

Love the 2nd gear chirp

lysippus says:

put some wings on her, you weil get up there!

Beercruiser 0 says:

"I support global warming" lol fucking idiot.

Robert Harris says:

You ever play with a 3800 V6 that’s a bad boy I’m liking these car videos a boi

TacosAndFrenchFries says:

Another terrific video…..2nd gear scratch…

J D says:

2:03 love the sound of a Chevy when accelerating yeah boy!

Lou Fazio says:

Was guessing it was a '70 from the previous video. Nice!

wok n ham nunya says:


wok n ham nunya says:

You still didn't grow up yet JB

Troy Dendinger says:

You the man J B

Beowulf says:

Awesome stuff JB! I hope to get another badass car again one day soon!! I had a 79 Z28 it was my first car!

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