Can This American Follow A Recipe In Japanese? • Tasty

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Will Alix and Rie’s friendship stand the test of cooking in Japanese?

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Dinocoff says:


Dinocoff says:

ARE THEY MAKING INARI?!? ( i guessed eheh i havent watched all the vids)

Shalini Upadhay says:

gumball 1:14

Rania Siddiqui says:

4:40 I was laughing 😂

Panda panda Smile says:

I am glad that l know Japanese

anirban das says:

This is hilarious

Arzan Zaman Khan says:

I wish Rie said Nani

Nor Fazira says:

Now,I'm gonna apply to tasty,can I? LET ME LEARN TO SPEAK JAPAN THEREE

Eki jeski says:

me : wthell are they sayin? im gonna turn on the subtitle,..
subtaitel : SpEaKiNg iN jApAnEsSe

•KawaiiKun• says:

ME BEING HAPPY CUZ SHE WATCHED ANIME (Spirited away p.s i cried in that movie) YA YEEEEEEEET

Rochelle Lobo says:

Best pair of friends 💓

Teun Meulendijks says:

I covered the translations with my hand and tried to understand it but i only guessed 2 words right

GameMite says:

Tasty, Juicy, Salty

Ann-Gee T says:

Gumball !! ✊

All That Jay says:

I understood Rie!!

Truman O'Neal says:


Vikas Tyagi says:

Alix-I didn't think I could do this

Rie-Me too


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