Candice Kumai’s Japanese Recipes

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Candice Kumai mixes up some Japanese recipes & tells us about her book, “Kintsugi Wellness”.
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Summer Silvera says:

Was it me or was she flirting lol oooouuuu

tinaa140 says:

Matcha tastes so good with some vanilla soy milk

Heather Greisha says:

I love matcha! Put more milk!

Trinii1 says:

👍 🥂 🙏 🎈 💃 🌴 👗 👠 🙏

Alpha Charm says:

I fucking love Wendy lmao.

stormiee says:

Wow! I really enjoy this segment with Chef Candice Kumai. Her personality and beauty is radiant.

Coco Drilo says:

I'm not a fan of red/orange and pink/fucsia together but dayum! This girl is rocking that dress!

Sarah says:

Lol Wendy eating instead of co-cooking

JordieXblu says:

Wendy’s “how you do?” I was wetting myself 🤣 that chef is stunn-ing

Kary J. says:

So beautiful

Carlos Soto says:

JÍCAMA <3 <3 <3

Krissy Nu says:

Sucks to be Candice's ex! She looks stunning!! She has that  "I just broke up with my boyfriend but I know he's going to see me on tv" glow!!! LOL

Angelina L says:

''doesn't taste good'' the disrespect..

TheSoSoLondoN says:

It's called maki not sushi!

相馬の母 says:

I'm from Japan😍

I recommend Japanese foods🙋🏼❤️

tenpura, udon, sushi, soba…👍🏻

Jeffrey Twoey says:

Wendy is rude

Pinky says:

Why does she keep calling Wendy?.."girl"

J IV says:

Yeah, she go both ways… picked that up before "How you doing" lol

rmdebora says:

Well…it doesn't taste good, but I will take it 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Grace 0 says:

I love how Wendy is really enjoying that spicy vegetarian sushi roll tho! Now I want to try too hehehe

mils-mdy says:

I'm so hungry after watching that! I love sushi, I will try one day 😉

MsHoneybabe2025 says:

Mmmm looks so good! Imma go check out that book!

Renske Dijkstra says:

commercial day objective highly purple acknowledge festival term humor astronomer concert.

Camille Lucinda says:

I really like Candice, I hope to see more of her.
She seemed very relaxed and comfortable infront of the camera and wasn't flustered by Wendy getting her to talk and make the food at the same time.
She is a natural.

dollfacekenn84 says:

The chef is damn beautiful with a personality to match .

Marley Pup says:

I want some matcha!

angelicashobby says:

Gorgeous chef! Love the chemistry of these two. Definitely getting the book! Can we see her more often please💁🏾‍♀️

tisdaec2 says:

Matcha lemonade at Starbucks is everything

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