Cast Iron Skillet Lamb Chops with Garlic and Rosemary

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Easy way to cook any type of meat chops in a cast iron skillet!
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jen d. says:

Thank you! I just made PERFECT lamb shoulder chops. Note to self: add balsamic for the marinade.

Liz Mccue says:

Yes absolutely I am heating my pan now – Thank You!

Jameel K says:

This tasted like it came from a restaurant, loved this.

Frogsinthegarden 100 says:

Lacking Tracey ???

R Lewis says:

Commentary sounds like I’m watching golf 🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️

nick lambacher says:

Why do people grill/pan sear lamb shoulder blade chops?? Makes no sense to me. Would have to be sooooo chewy

Cecilia Maria says:

A man that can cook💓💓

brent s says:

I have a lamb chop marinating right now for tonight☺ honey garlic sauce, salt pepper and crushed garlic. I don't have rosemary..oh well. Can't wait to throw on the grill.

Cyan _ says:

Made this tonight and it was a hit! Thank you.

Phildo Leebowitz says:

Sorry, dont trust any vid that doesn’t cut into the meat

johnan gilie says:

Boy wtf that aint look like a lamb chop!

Muralha Muralha says:

Is this lamb shoulder? I didn't know these were called chops too. These are usually tougher than ribs…

nic claass says:

its def not chops…

gallant7 says:

Thanks for sharing

Christina LeMoine says:

Why would you use iodized salt?

Ann B says:

Did you know that a girl by the name of Mimi is stealing your recipe videos as her own?? She's stolen other people's too! Cooking Hour with Mimi! She's got this video on her recipe site! You should check her out and report her! Thanks!

Kelly P. says:

Looks awesome and I can eat this on my keto diet, too! (I’ll just replace the mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower!) Thank you!

David Duncan says:

Ur iron levels must be legendary

Mercer Boley says:

thats shank not chop

uppanadam74 says:

Mmmm!! I'm going to have to try this!! Love the curling prevention tip!! Thanks for that!!

Shannon Cooper says:


Ilyas Husain says:

What is the total cooking time on the pan?

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