Challenging Dessert Recipes That Will Gain You Professional Chef Status • Tasty

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MirYam Nal says:

That big recipe for crepe?!?! I am making those alone since I was 9. No need that much complication around it at all

Max says:

What was the intention at the second recipe where I stopped watching the video. Is that suppose to be targeted at professional or ordinary people. If it was for professional, the end result was so nasty that they would have to eat it themselves. If it was for me in my little kichen cooking for my wife and I , would not have time to make the first 99 layers. Are you kidding. No help here.👎

Daniel flores says:

Diabetes much for the second one

metalheadlim says:

You do not get to call yourself professional chef.. unless you put in the hours and hardwork under pressure..

Kenneth Govier says:

What a waste

Cadence Hazard says:

that 2nd recipe has WAY too much dairy

Reba Derps says:

That second one looked like a subway sandwich to me……or a wrap…

Bts Doesn't Know Me says:

Damn tasty coming through with some .. nOt defaulty music gOoD JoB👏😂

Oh yeah yeah says:

Is no one gonna talk about how many fucking eggs they used and no one, is gonna have enough room to eat that shit. Ffs waste of damn money. Bullshit. 124 damns eggs as if we all keep that amount of food.

Golden Lover says:

So a smore twinky is on proffesional chef level?Guess cream the bunny was hiding something from us.

Gacha Wolf 1942 says:

Dang, that Crepe Cake tho ;-;

Anna Perteck says:

The 100 crepe layer cake is a joke. Nobody in their right mind would use that many eggs. Neither for the batter, nor for the pudding cream. Its just ridiculous.

Adolf Hitle says:

I don't see how stacking crepes gains you "professional chef status"

bonkripper78 fire says:

Oh my god I have so much respect for whoever made this Holy shit

Jarion Joseph says:

24 eggs waw🙁

Kinky Time says:

It's also going to be challenging for your bank account

nena200able says:

That second crepe recipe….. 🤔Nah….

Sifat Tarannum says:

with due respect,
who the fuck has time for the never-ending crepe cake ? >_<

Jm Rys says:

Mann.. I want David Seymour to do the 2nd one.

milka92 says:

Who even came up with second one who can even eat it why

Omar Sallam says:

What kind of professional chef puts oreos in a cake.

Garry Nazar says:

How to get diabetes with giant cakes

Terri Allen says:

Im triggered wtf did they need so many layers 🤬

bongo the psychopath says:

i hate it when they didn't use up all of the ingredients in the can or in the cup or in the bowl

so much waste

Teksonisme says:

Making Crepes is worth a Professional chef status ? Every moms in France are Chef then !

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