Cheese Garlic bread recipe by Savita Benur

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Cheese garlic bread recipe

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If we dont put chilli flakes so its ok???

Sreemoyee Banerjee says:

I have tried this recipe..n believe me it tastes awesome

Dipali Misal says:

Divya naic

Megha Poorey says:

I love the way you talk

Willy Steward says:

u forgot the chilly flakes and u add so less garlic butter and cheese

Saeeda Sara says:

I am not making fun of her english I just correct her mistake If any teacher correct your mistake so its rude you guys are reading with rude style

Sanjeev Sinha says:

place make videos more interesting with some background music or something

Subhrakanta Rath says:

Very nice recipe

ravi rawat says:

madam which cheese u used .

Madhu Sharma says:

don't make fun of her English

Clash with kd Hardknockz (kd) says:

It must have got black cheese doesnr easyly melts on pan and if it melts then the other side becomes black

Vikas Verma says:

thanks for uploading mam.keep video uploading on.

bobby das says:

absolutely, it is not garlic bread it is chilli cheese toast

bobby das says:

Ya, it is not a garlic bread

Amit Sen says:

looks delicious

Seth Arnold says:

lel one side "roasted" bread

Bhooma Nithyasri says:

can we add tomato and capsicum to it????

Remo Laki says:

malyalam ichchaaaaaa

archana sahu says:

If you don't know how to speak english then don't speak it.
Don't insult the language.

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