Cheesy Rigatoni Pie / cook SO TASTY and quickly | italian recipes 100% |

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Cheesy Rigatoni Pie tomatoes cheese | italian recipes 100% |

Italian cake of pasta, quick and easy recipe |Italian cusine |

If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe for lunch or dinner like a real italian Signora does, and choose to cook a very tasty pasta, then our yummy recipe is made for you. Today we will cook a cake of pasta. And all the salades, omlettes and briquettes are waiting aside.

Take a type of pasta that can be filled, like tubes, for example rigatoni or tortiglioni.
Put the water on a heat to boil (as physics say). And meanwhile let’s make tomato sauce out from tomatos, baby onions and garlic.
Firstly saute the onions and garlic, untill they become golden like a golden sand under hot Italian sun.
But not too much brown, unlike italian signoras on a beach.
Grate tomatos on a grater and send them directly to the pan with onions.
Let them party all together for 10 minutes. And then all the party moves to a blender to make a paste.
The most lazy ones of you can simply buy a ready paste in a supermarket and avoid the whole mixing, braising and blending part.
The blowing bubbles let us know that water is ready. Ready for salt to give a taste to our pasta.
Cook our pasta for one minute less readiness.
Put pasta in a cake tin. Arrange vertically like the soldiers, and start tossing pasta with our paste to the very tops.
Cover with Mozarella slices and put in the oven for 5 minutes to let our cheese melt like pizza top.
Is the crust ready? Take it out of the oven! Our pasta cake is ready. Rush to serve it soon and decorate the way you like.
Hurry up to taste it!
Can’t help waiting! Watch our video,

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🍝 Serves 2👨👧

Ingredients 💯

✔🔴 #1 – 160 g pasta/100 g who has a diet

✔🔴 #2 – 250 g tomatoes 🍤

✔🔴 #3 – onion

✔🔴 #4 – garlic

✔🔴 #5 – parmesan, mozzarella

✔🔴 #6 – olive oil

✔🔴 #7 – salt

🕓 The cooking time will take about 20 minutes

❤ Bon appetit, Tasty Italy 🍽

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