Chef Maurizio Bocchi creates four classic Italian recipes

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Chef Maurizio Bocchi creates four classic Italian recipes using Galbani cheese. The first dish is cappellacci with dolcelatte filling and walnut sauce. The s…

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Philip Hayfield says:

He also likes to use it as toothpaste and grouts the tiles in his kitchen
with it. 

Darren Whelan says:

this is really bad

Awesome Eats says:

Fkin Galbani advertisement This Channel used to have amazing videos with
famous chefs and real thoughts behind the food….

Ben Bettany says:

Really staff canteen…….. Really

johnson bucasan says:

This guy may have funny accent, but all i can say is hes a good chef.

sebastian luisetto says:

His English is to funny!!

Marco Antonio Marocho says:

“forget the calori, just enjoy” HA!

Tyllegirl says:


T.G. H. says:

“Forget the Calory, just enjoy” Haha.

Vito Bertaudeau says:

gracias y compartido

Hustemand says:

What did Í just watch??!!

Vito Bertaudeau says:

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