Chef's Favorite Braised Pork Recipe for Chinese New Year l 經典年菜 梅菜扣肉

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Masterchef John Zhang show you his favorite Braised Pork Recipe for Celebrating Chinese New Year with step by step instruction.

This classic Chinese braised pork with preserved vegetable, is a very popular Chinese New Year dish–Mei Cai Kou Rou. Pork belly provides enough fat which moisten the preserved vegetables and arouse the strong aroma.

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Didooo o says:

This is what we call expensive food because not only the taste, the effort to make the dish make it more expensive.

Leng Leng Chai says:

i like this chef

ndiogou niang says:

That's almost one month to prepare

nuvamusic says:

I’ve always had this dish, but never knew it was so elaborate. It’s delicious indeed (as long as the pork is tender and the Mei Cai isn’t too salty)

Александр Д says:

красивоно долгло

Jim Crow says:

I can't quite explain how hungry that made me, everything looked perfect. Say Chef could you start soaking the meat in a container that can fit the meat from the beginning? Get rid of that vase looking bowl, use it for flowers instead.

prodj.mixape official says:

Starving just by watching this. Thank u for technique which is not applicable.

Marisela Franc says:


Роман Евстифеев says:


Taylan eyelash says:

I hate pork but damn!!

sijo TM says:

0:50 looks like some shitty ass weed

Huy Hoang says:

Nhìn là muốn ăn :))

Richard Ramirez says:

I would have to oder a week in advance

Scott Medina says:

That's a dish I will not be having

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