Chef's Secret: The Best Oil for Chinese Recipes

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Cooking oils are a chef’s secret weapon. Master Chef John shows you his simple secret recipes that will make all the difference to cook authentic Chinese food.

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Are you a foodie craving Chinese food? Look no further.

Here we have the best Chinese recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional Chinese cooking.

Whether you want to know how to make Chinese dishes at home, or learn how to master cooking with a wok, we’ve got you covered.

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awenindoe says:

Somebody please turn off the tap

sharon uadayagiri says:

John brother parise the Lord what a great oils you prepared thank you 🙏

Shivgonzales Akhtarsingh says:

A series of how to OVERDO

Horst Tristan von Wittenbach says:

The sink with integrated stove is just brilliant! 🤩🤩🤩

Tiffany Hoang says:

Hi Chef John ! Will you making oil for sale? That would be awesome 👏

silvanus kevin says:

Hallo chef, can we replace the red peppercorn with green or black peppercorn for the peppercorn oil?


malaysia here!! chef John!! cook sincerely, speak clearly..the best chinese cook chef this era.. 10STARRRRR

LoKesh BisHt says:

i love all your background song tunes … what are their names..
they are soothing please tell me

r burns says:

Excellent! Thank You! 優秀! 謝謝!

Jay says:

Chef. I am not sure you will read comments from little bit old video. I was just wondering what "cooking oil" you use to make this superb aroma style oil. Appreciate your response.

Manny Diaz says:

What do you to the oil in the big container to the left? How do you clean it for reuse? You have separate conainer for fish and meat? I notice you return oil to those container after deep frying.

Habiba Hassan says:

I m from pakistan & i really like your recipese .i try

Ayesh Santhaka says:

Chef please teach us to choose good wok . I hope you will done a video for me about wok .

Raj Shankar says:

I have greatly increased my cooking skills after watching Taste Show videos! I love this channel :)

愛甲イェリズ says:

Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste even if they don't realize it. Even if you're not a great chef there's nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn't.

Raj esH says:

Chins are Oily People…

Eka RT says:

how long does the oil last, chef?

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