Chicken battered Fried Steaks Cajun Style

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With mashed Tators & Roux Gravy.

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diordivavt says:

looks good!

artofbrowneyedgirl says:

I thought that to make gravy brown, you cook the flour longer before you
add the milk? Or is there a reason not to do this? I agree though, brown
gravy any day! aww some lovin going on! Btw how do you “cook the can taste
out of beans?” I assume it’s with bacon grease (every southern refrig has

TheWolfePit says:

Looked like you hugged the flour first boy! You had remnants on your
shoulder! Good looking meal BOY! Nice to see you and Ms. JB hugging and
kissing!! LOL

Brandon Creeger says:

JB… those last 3 minutes or so got me.

Kelly Carpenter says:

Great looking food as always JB and how sweet to see y’all hugging and
smooching! Real love is the best! Y’all take care :D

John Lamanna says:

so what taste better, the steak or Mrs. Jb’s kisses!!?? lol Dont
answer that!! :) This is one of my all time fav. meals! YUM!

dana lee says:

Holey pants, flour from head to toe, tried to light the kitchen on fire and
you still managed to get some sugar. Cute!

Christopher Johnson says:

Thanks JB! Another great video.

John Thomas says:

best JB video ever, boy! My wife loved the Mrs JB part…. You’re a damn
romantic too!

Thaneii says:

Something about this reminds me of an 80’s cocaine party. It’s always
great to see you and Mrs. JB together. 

Nola Belle says:

You and Ms. JB are so cute. I love you all! I would have added stock to
that gravy instead of milk, but you learn something new every day. Power to
y’all! We don’t eat white gravy here. Erhm…

martin blouin says:

that’s the one i made, i used bonelles pork chop, wacked em with the meat
hammer, jut to flatten em, then fower egg and panko (sorry my phone cam is
with some greek salad and my baby

747epecan1 says:

Bought some regular Bratwurst and it tasted exactly like a cheap hot dog.
Do U please have a favorite brand of bratwurst and other sausages? Thanks.
I am addicted to deer sausage but cannot get it.

K Wil says:

Imma send JB some real canned beans, I hate to see you eating them nasty


Cackle fruit? ha ha!

Casey phantom209 says:

Just made this for the first time! Ohh boy wow good. I had my lady friend
neighbor try it. Blew her away. Added extra Cajon spices to the flower. You
are the man!

jennie barrett says:

Very sweet JB. Love a man who loves his wife. Great looking food too!

Ed G says:

put sum budda on them there beans…. no foo foo food here…… keep up
the good work

anmoose says:

I’m with you on white gravy. With chicken, it’s tolerable and even proper,
but with beef, it’s just morally wrong. LOL

Hahahaaa… “And now let’s start over again… Take 5.” It’s life in a
kitchen. Turn on a camera, and whatever you just did perfectly won’t happen
again until next Thursday.

Ha! You can always deny the smooch and say that the beer made you do it. Or
better yet, “The devil made me do it.” (Who said that? :-) )

jbc19621 says:

how hot is the oil jb ??


Awesome JB!!! coming down next craw fish party with my wife, cant wait to
meet you guys… and of course I cant wait to jam with you guys… gotta
love the Vistalites!!! drummer Ed

SikWithit says:

Great video JB, as of all of your videos. That hug from your wife was
awsome! Made me want to hug my girl. Keep doin’ watcha doin’ my friend!

AnAmericanIdle says:

lol!@ double-decker meat! :- ) haha! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm meal!
Hugssssssssssssss Mrs JB! :- )

Tango Joe says:

Another winner my friend, looking good.
You both are just so cool!

FitAnge S says:

Looks delicious jeff and that kiss was adorable

REDFTW says:

Looks pretty tasty as always JB! I have one question JB that has puzzled me
for a while now after seeing it a few times on other cooking shows/videos.
Why do you refer to fried beef in flower as CHICKEN steak? 

ke4hzc says:

Was ms jb drunk, when she hugged and kissed you?

martin blouin says:

pinky’s up!

Pajaro Blanco says:

JB..Thanks for the Gravy R’supPee. Flour on the Shirt means you’re in it.

Annemarie sanders says:

Thanks for uploading

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

JB’s rub and season all is ready. Use this address at PayPal to send 11
bucks as a donation…
For your recipe(s) 

Fritz Diedrichsen says:

Brown gravy anytime, BOY :) – great fried steaks – YUM

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