Chicken Cutlet and Potatoes Cook-off, Italian Recipes – Gianni’s North Beach

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Gianni does a little friendly chicken cutlet and potatoes battle with food author Mark Leslie, who was in town to promote his book, “Beyond the Pasta”, which…

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Cefims Soas says:

La dolce vita

Anthony Porta says:

Ciao Gianni, my name is Anthony Porta, a 2nd generation Italian american.
Grew up in Hoboken NJ moved away for Grad school. My Nona lives in NJ and,
man, how I miss her food, endless love, and cultural traditions. Having a
lot of Americaanns and essentially No Pazions where I am– Thank You, Your
food brings me back home to a very happy place, and that is; grandmas

William Torio says:

Gianni, can’t thank you enough for taking me back to the best times of my
life! My Nona passed back in 1969 (Long Island, New York) and I swore from
that day on I would never find anyone that could ever cook like her. I was
wrong! I can almost taste your cooking and it reminds me of the ways she
cooked as well. Thanks for the memories, and please keep your recipes

jarrvia00 says:

Awesome. . Thanks! 

Perfect2257 says:

who would dislike this treasures of Italian food c’mon

sunshine2049 says:

I cannot master the art of getting my chicken cullets paper thin and
symmetrical. how did Mark achieve this?

Luke Di Fatos cooking channel says:

Gianni won all the way

Tom Batstone says:

I’m sure that Mark is a nice guy. But Gianni’s kung fu is better. Those
potatoes rock. Try Gianni’s risotto balls with mozzarella cubes. The best

terrikelly1970 says:

lol …. i hope not…. J0k3r4U the potatoe will take longer doll … i’m
irish huni … i shud know .. :-) ask gianni .. he may agree with me . x x

Gianni North Beach says:

@boneyardcircus Glad you liked the recipes. Sorry for the late reply.
Family Easter celebrations kept me occupied. Yes, Mark coated the cutlets
with some EVOO before breading. No oil in the pan.

Gianni North Beach says:

Ciao. You got me. Who knows what goes on in a cook’s mind? I cooked my
cutlets first.

Giosa Borgia says:

We italians have the best food in the world

terrikelly1970 says:

Ok gianni ,,, why didnt mark make the spuds first and then the chicken ??
doesnt make a difference but would have made sense ,,No ??? :-) x

pacob3ll says:

This is what cooking is all about. Just having fun with your friends and
eating something different than usual. Great video’s Gianni!

terrikelly1970 says:

off course u cooked ur cutlets first .. cause ur 2 cute … :-) what about
my question on the sunday gravy ….could u give me the name of the sausage
so i can get from my guy in dublin …please .. i want 2 be autenthic ..ur
a legend gianni . x x

Shaun Hilario says:

gianni, to clarify, mark didn’t put olive oil in the pan to cook his
chicken right? great recipes from the both of you!

J0k3r4U says:

Cutlets would take longer to cook,no?

Gianni North Beach says:

Ciao tutte. You’re both right. The cutlets and the croquette take about the
same time to fry. But, the potatoes have to be boiled first so they do take
longer to make from start to finish.

J0k3r4U says:

I’m not that “seasoned” a cook. Forgive me :( (pun intended^)

J0k3r4U says:

Haha all good, it’s ok, I know I was outmatched, I’m not nearly as
experienced a cook as many people on here I’m sure… Thanx for responding
man! I’m a HUGE fan! 😀

theresa bollman says:

They both look amazing…it must be my bloodlines though, I am dying to
have some of Gianni’s dish right now!

oCjLn says:

sometimes simplicity is the key 😉 looking great.

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