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Chicken Paprikash is a really tasty Hungarian chicken dish flavoured with paprika. In Hungarian this dish is known as Paprikás Csirke. It’s really easy to make and perfect comfort food for a cold winter day. In this video I show you how to make Hungarian Paprika Chicken, as well as little German dumplings to go with it – Spätzle (pronounced something like Shpetsly). These dumplings are made from flour and eggs, briefly boiled. And again, Späetzle is total comfort food.

You can get the written recipe on my website:

And the recipe for Spätzle is on this page:


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Heather Linton says:

Love watching your cooking videos, have to definitely try your hot water pastry…I am crazy over pastries yum. Keef those dumpling thingies you made I have made them before TIP…I used my metal colander, works a treat 😉. Thank you so much for your show 👍👍👍here in South Africa 🇿🇦

Miszz Maya says:

This guy deserves millions of views. He's a great cook!

Viktoria Gryszkiewicz says:

The way he said Spätzle in dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Bella Brooks says:

Love love love the chicken dish!!! Love the spatzle done with butter and sea salt, brilliant actually ! 😍😍😍

Siegfried Pretsch says:

Sir, you do not know what to do with peppers.

kettő anyukája says:

The Spaetzle was made with just flour eggs no liquids what so ever and we added to Hungarian goulash they was made really hard the soften in the juices

Karen Daley says:

Yum! I will make that very soon. Looks mouthwateringly delicious. Not sure I'm up to making spätzle, but mashed potatoes would probably be a reasonable alternative. Thanks for the video and the new addition to my vocabulary (bimble).

PalomaNegra85 says:


Malcolm Lewis says:

Rick Stein has a very different way of saying flour egg dumplings in this show

Eileen Dewell says:

this looks gorgeous IV got to make this keef

gordon brauer says:

AAARRGGH!first spätzle are no dumplings- they are make “knöpfle“ same dough, but spätzle(the word cames from spatz- that is a little bird,knöpfle cames from knopf what means stud) are long,you make them when you scrape the dough with a knife from a woodenboard into the hot water,you don't cut it you roll it, it takes a lot of time to practise.and now the importent part, in the dough there are only three things in it SALT EGGS FLOUR for 1 kilogram flour you need between 32-36 move the dough till you see airbubbles comes up and then he is perfect he should runs slowly down your board-you can also take a potatopress to make them but than they look all the same and not handmade but you need no skill!greetings from Stuttgart Maintown of Baden-Württemberg Homestate of the Spätzle

Chris Orcsi says:

The Hungarian word for dumplings is Nokedli btw…

Chris Orcsi says:

That looks great! I make a less fancy version that my grandmother taught me. I will definitely give this a try! Thanks for posting.

Malcolm Lewis says:

Our dinner tonight. Serving with pasta because I have nothing with the holes needed to make the dumplings. Also with peas and dill.

Marika Fejszes says:

I am Hungarian, that looks delicious, we do it slightly different no matter as long as you enjoy it. We serve it with Nokedli, looks like spetzle , but we don't use yogurt it's just eggs, flour and water, a little salt.

minne mano says:

I am hungarian and it has nothing to do with how we make it originally authenticly

missthunderstormable says:

i knew a hungarian, she did not prepare it this way, this is kind of more complicated, but this looks good too :)

Andreas Hollerbach says:

Your Spätzle look great! I'm from bavaria and you get Spätzle (or Kässpätzle…mixed with cheese, really tasty) here around every corner but yours look delicious and many germans would be jealous!
Even your pronounciation ist (mostly) perfect!

Evan Torok says:

a disaster of the dish

Actual Wakandan girl says:

Mouth watering😛

Vanessa Jean says:

My grama was from Hungary, I have her recipe. Have not tried to make. I remember her making the sparkle, was so good. She used a spoon and edge of plate to make the small noodle like pieces. Yum yum

TheRunesmythe says:

Wow… watching was this was amazing. My mother used to make this quite often when we were growing up, but I haven't had it in years. Recently I got the recipe from her and I keep trying to convince my wife to let me cook it for her. Her recipe includes dumplings which don't seem to be too different than what you made here, just larger. Really brings back a lot of memories.

Judith Colbert says:

Keef, could you please make Beef Wellington? Judith Colbert

JayT LaMunch says:

made this wonderful dish for tea, it's the first time i've had hungarian food, will certainly be making this again, and i will also be trying other hungarian food, and thank you keef for sharing this recipe:-))

George Tempest says:

I don't have any lids for my frying pans, but I have two of every pan to use as lids – easy peasy :o)

George Tempest says:

Try and say shpets-leh, that sounds almost right :o) I used to live on them in Germany, ideal for mopping up any yummy gravy. And the genuine German Spaetzle are hand made, the dough mixture looks more like chewing gum, no yog involved and then it is quickly scraped of a wooden chop board straight into the boiling water.

Kevin Hruschka says:

looks really nice but the recipe for the spätzle is wrong. you dont need yoghurt you need a little bit of water :)

Jason Gardner says:

My mom makes AWESOME Spätzles & also an excellent Hungarian Gulyás (goulash)!
You are inspiring me Keef..It goes without saying, that we all have our own approach..our likes, dislikes etc, but over all with your ideas you got it together there fella! I have more likes than dislikes personally & I never have been a harsh critic.
Never was a finicky eater, always LOVED my veggies & didn't have to be forced & I was always interested in eating foods from other countries from as early as I can remember….so what do you think i must really qualify as a true "gastronaut"?

stamasd says:

This ex-Transylvanian's boy mouth is watering, remembering the paprikash his grandmother used to make. Except that for the dumplings, she didn't get all fancy-schmancy with any potato mashers (because she didn't have one) but rather just let the mix drip in the water from a spoon. And used the hottest paprika she could find. The memory of my tongue burning with delight is still quite vivid even after 40+ years.

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