Chili – A Compilation of Award-Winning Recipes

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On a cool Fall evening a warm bowl of Chili is just the thing to bring smiles to your family’s faces.

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exomorphe says:

when u say tomato sauce, do u mean passata? sorry! i live in ireland so
product recognition differs….

Lithys says:

actually apparently the opposite

LordOfMalice says:

Cool, =)

majikalex32 says:

Gday from Australia Scott and thanks for posting this recipe i’ve just
cooked a batch very tasty on a baked potato with sour cream and coleslaw

piggy66 says:

isn’t it more authentic to add beans though?

plantiumrocky says:

is that red stripe?

Oranguice says:

Buffalo meat? I’ve seen it in the store and have been curious but… Maybe
I’ll buy some and try it out. I’ve always wondered what it tastes.

Saffronfinch1 says:

Please adopt me!!!College student and I don’t take up too much room How
about some French dishes:Cassoulet, potato dauphinois, mussels….etc Love
the videos

Savannah Sengthoumma says:

CRAP! u made me really hungry! Think i am making some tommorrow. Wow,this
really sucks im at home it’s late, nothing’s open and preagnet. and i want
some CHILLI!!!!! LOL

pamdamodem says:

hi Scooter… can you tell me where you get your magnetic strips for your
knives that you have behind you in the video? I appreciate your videos and
the lack of music so I can hear you is very welcome..

Scott Hargrove says:

I got my magnetic strip for my knives at IKEA, but you can find them in
most kitchen stores. I just liked the simplicity of IKEA’s version.

love9boy says:

Scott, did the heat come from the 6 tbsp. chili powder, paprika or the
cayenne? Our niece wants the recipe. We added sour cream to her 2 year old
daughters bowl and it cut the heat down for her. We all think this is the
best chili!

negotiate says:

do you drain the fat after you brown the meat?

Scott Hargrove says:

“Chili Grind” actually refers to a thicker grind of meat than what you
would normally find at the supermarket. Just ask your butcher for Chili
Grind… they know exactly what you’re talking about.

Kevitivity says:

This man knows what he’s doing.

madisonelectronic says:

Thank you for not adding beans to chili. Beans are fine but in a separate
bowl. And Michael Meyers would sure love the assortment of knives .

shortymoore07 says:

i really wanna know how to make home made sanwhices for lunch since all
those people died from contaminated meat from the store soo if you could
please give me some ideas about lunches for work mostly using chicken cuz i
got alot thanks man and this chili was great

tazed says:

That chili cheese fry looks so GOOD!!!!!!

KeriLyn2980 says:

um.. YUMMY! i have been craving some good chilli! on top of fritos or
fries.. ::: drool :: SO NOT on my diet. LOL But i’d use a cheat day for
this! PS..I Love your kitchen!

Scott Hargrove says:


love9boy says:

Wow Scott what can I say but, “Delicious!” I cooked this tonight and it was
very good! I used a can of pinto beans along with the 2 lbs. ground beef
and added 2 roasted pablano peppers. I thought the 6 tbsp. chili powder was
to much but i loved every bite. Some of my guests aren’t used to the heat
so I will adjust the powder to 3 or 4 tbsp. next time for them. Very good
recipe! KUDOS!

bamboodlesh says:

cool! my name scott too! and ima try this.

marasmius says:

I was wondering what “chili grind” means. Is it finer than the usual grind?
If so, can I take normally ground meat and put it through the food
processor to grind it up finer? I appreciate you using buffalo in your
recipe, as that’s what I eat when I want something “beefy”. Watching you
put the chili on the homemade curly fries made my mouth water! Thanks for
your great vids!

Jamie Schumann says:

Authentic chili is beanless.

Harlan Lebo says:

Hi Scott. This looks like a great recipe, and I’m looking forward to trying
it. Your ingredients bring up a point that confuses me, and I can’t find a
good answer online: what is the difference between light chili powder and
dark chili powder? I’ve never found a chili powder identified that way, and
even the product experts at Penzey’s didn’t know the difference. Help!
Thanks, Harlan

arizonachristian says:

i liked it..

Scott Hargrove says:

@gklusty – it depends on how much fat there is. If there is more than about
a Tbsp then I would drain off all but the 1 Tbsp.

Roy Chi says:

What is the yield on this recipe, im thinking of making this for about

MotherReiver says:

Mmmmmmmm! I love those kind of eats :) I’ve always made chili w/beans –
I’ll try it your way, I’m so glad you went back for a second dose of cumin
:) I’ll be givin’ this a try!

CoachAsmono says:

Great Video and great recipe. Thank you.

Angstedpunx says:

that looks like good chilidog chilli!!!! looks good keep up the good work!!

Scott Hargrove says:

Yum, French food… my favorite. I’ll definately do some of those. Thanks!

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