Chili Recipe ~ 2 Time Champion, Award Winning Chili

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This is a small batch, enough for your camp, or a smaller chili cookoff.

Chili Cookoff Awards:
2013 Guns & Hoses ~ 1st place Champion
2013 Arkansas Graphics Chili Cook Off ~ 1st Place Champion
2014 Guns & Hoses ~ 2nd Place

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sorry , forgot to hit the thumbs up earlier.


Made it and it is the best I have ever had.Love you brother,be well friend…Making it today with some poblanos added to your awesome fn recipe.

Jerry Krabe says:

Ireal chili doesn't have beans which is why sanctioned chili competitions have rules that do not allow beans. You're chili would be dqued in a sanctioned chili cook off.

Riley Raine says:

Yep! Chili can have beans, raisins, corn, you name it. The only thing that makes 'chili' chili, is the chili spices grown from Chili plants. Without that, you cannot make chili =)P

Bob Cratchet says:

Chili Competition out here in the southern pinelands of New Jersey. We used your recipe making about 4 gallons. There were 12 competitors and 4 categories. We took first place in the MOST CREATIVE category. People were loving it. Awesome Chili!! Thanks!!!

Mike Pitman says:

Looked awesome. I liked the 1st video more cause the music made it just BETTER… LOL. I love cooking chili, I'll try your's sometime in the near future. :-)

B-rocka 4life says:

Yasssss with snapping

jeffostroff says:

Much better than your other video, although I still enjoyed the other one too. I know who these 7 morons are who voted your video down. They are probably other chili cooks who uploaded videos, don't appreciate the love and time and effort you spent making this video and they are trying to hurt the ranking of your video by down-voting it. Not to worry though, because I just up-voted your video! Can't wait to try your recipe with my own twists on it. Taylor Swift: And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate …

Bianca Alexander says:

Thank you so much for this recipe! I used it for my daughter's lumberjack themed birthday party. I've had multiple people tell me it was THE BEST chili they've ever had. I'm about to make a batch now because I have such a taste for it. Thank you again!

Gregory Salzman says:

I made just a couple of changes. I omitted the Smokies I added peanut butter cocoa powder, coffee and beer and yes I won the chili cook-off. Thanks for the video

Andrew Jackson says:

Lil Doggy .. Thanks for the upload. I just made it yesterday. I followed it pretty close and was very impressed. I have never made chili before and was raised on very plain chili which this is Not !! But still would say this is my favorite. Its more of an experience when you eat it. So many flavors. I added some celery to mine and some beer. Might have put in to much cumin but when the chili is hot it tastes completely different than when it is cold. Which I cant say I have ever noticed that before but anyway … Thanks for shortening my learning curve !! Appreciate it !! Hope ya keep winnin them contests !!

JeevesReturns says:

Had to keep wiping the drool from my iPad screen half way through.

Timothy Hill says:

I'm going to add some rattler to my chilli. Do you have a good way to get the meat to come off the bones of the snake real easy?

Bubba G says:

I'm going to use this recipe, I want to see how ppl out west feel about it…. I'll update you all on Sunday

robert ammons says:

sacrificial bacon as in it's gonna be eaten before it makes it in the pot.

Matt Last says:

Making this right now.

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