Chilli Pork—Spicy Stir-Fried Double-Cooked Pork Belly—Blue Poppy, Calcutta Style—Indian Pork Recipe

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Chilli pork is one of the most versatile dishes in that it can just as easily double as a side dish to go with tingmo, rice, fried rice, or noodles, as function as a standalone snack or appetiser. It can be cooked in several different ways. In fact, nearly all East Asian and Southeast Asian cultures have variations of this popular dish. In India, besides the Tibetan, and Nepali versions, the Goan, Mangalorean and Kerala-style chilli pork are well known, and who among us doesn’t enjoy the dry, dark Coorgi chilli pork?

We like our chilli pork juicy, where stir-fried pork slices are accompanied with hot green chillies in every bite. We’re using the pork belly as it is fatty, but you could also use the leaner shoulder. This simple recipe leads to twice-cooked chilli pork. The meat is first boiled until tender and then stir-fried. This recipe is also reminiscent of the chilli pork on the menus of several Chinese restaurants in Calcutta.

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Bong Eats says:

Which is your favourite place for chilli pork? What is your favourite thing to eat with chilli pork?

souvik poddar says:

From where you bought this pork? Look so fresh & organic

i Have boner problem says:

Bangali lok kab se suar khane laga re?

Mohit Ananda says:

Grt recipe…..😍

Suman Bhargav says:

Nothing beats PORK ❤️❤️.. Please upload some more pork recipes

LEAF葉jiraiya says:

I thought that only Chinese people eat port 😂

Anindita Banerjee says:

Frank's in Jamshedpur lists chilli pork as their signature dish and die-hard Jampotians swear by it. Cooked your version today and and the result was simply melt in the mouth. Thanx a ton

Taste Whistle says:

I added a little bit garlic to it and it came out so good !!

Sharan Correa says:

Pressure cooking the meat is like killing it even after death. Rest all is perfect.

taniya roy says:

How many whistles required in the cooker?

Nigita Thakur says:

Love it ❤

Aishika Mitra says:

Can you tell me what can I do to remove hair from the skin without getting rid of it completely?

linda chakravartty says:

Hi! For the first time I am writing a comment but have tried a lot of ur recipe and it’s has never failed the taste is always bang on my hubby is Bengali n I am a catholic n sometimes i make Bengali food. you know he best quality about u both is that whenever u guys get a recipe from anybody u both always thank that person as well as put that person pic , like one of the priest said it in church during his homely that “ Gratitude is the best attitude “ and when u have a habit of gratitude the Lord always blesses u God bless n Thankyou so much once again for all ur recipe

Kevin Lobo says:

who makes your videos?

somia chakrabarti says:

Tried this recipe yesterday came out absolutely yummy….

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