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Come meet my grandparents and cook / eat some amazing Chinese recipes! xo
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Rainie says:

can someone explain to me what happened to her father and mother?

Nope Nope says:

I’m sooo jealous lol

Mel Garay says:

I love the fact you shared this with us! Makes me feel normal an thank you for being so real

Lea Stipanic says:

girl its so refreshing to see such a kind human being like yourself

tinker bell says:

veronica i respect you girl…you are working really very are really a vry sweet..even tough you are a messy eater or anything but, ur a good human nd thats what matters..pure soul

Chelsea Contreras says:

I couldn’t help but cry while watching this, i really miss the comfort you get the moment you enter their home. I miss my grandparents so much😔

Makber tekin says:

Hi, i want see you when you eat turkish food. Lets try it💃

M Ming says:

Please film more about your daily or do the vlog ! so warm

Pulu A says:

Not to be rude but do ur granparents clean there house or kitchen

Norah Ahemd says:

❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 love ur grandparents and ur grandmother 👵 so cute and her dolls ❤️❤️😍😍… ur grandfather a 👨‍🍳 ❤️😍

ninjaasauce says:


Lucy Naufahu says:

Your grandpas so cute & also your Nena! 😭😍


Your grandparents are so cute!!!!!!!!! I’m the same way with my grandparents

Anno S says:

You should maybe help them with the dirty dishes, instead of eating or maybe suffocating! Old man cooked everything for you!! Be more appreciated 😒😒

Melinda Four says:

i mean im not trying to offend you or your family but why dont you help them do a deep clean to their house, i mean they really need that help bc of their age

김 태태Is my bae says:

Please do more vlog videos!! I love it. You havr such a lovely grandparents 😍💕

Shondee Samatha says:

Thank you for sharing! ❤❤❤

Jimmie N says:

The beginning was so cute lol

Mz Chavez says:

So blessed to still have your grandparents❤️everything looks so good 😋

Bianca Belmares says:

Your Grandparents are cute. Awesome vid thank you for showing us your family dishes. Looks delicious!

zulekha miah says:

I loved this video sooo much this is my fifth time watching!!! Hope there'll be more like this in the future with V's Nainai and Yeye!

zulekha miah says:

@2:09 lol I'm glad I recognised that there was a woman female speakin Hindi/Urdu 😂😂YEEESSSSS!!!

Mina says:

I love chinese food it’s so yummy 😋🤤

Xtina Swann says:

Had literal tears in my eyes made me miss my grandparents so so much! Loved this video please do more videos with them they're so cute x

SaVvy G says:

Typical Asian household, thx for being so real with us. I truly appreciate your realness. Your grandma is so me when I get to her age (if I'm lucky) I'll be collecting all kinds of Disney stuff lol 👍

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