Chinese Pork Belly Recipe by Master Chef to Excite Your Tastebuds

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Meet master chef John Zheng prepares a phenomenal Chinese Pork Belly recipe that will leave you hungry at the end of the video.

Get ready to be amazed by the top pork recipe that include a great pork belly sauce.

Taste is a food channel that bring you Chinese Master Chefs from around the world right into your kitchen.

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Taste, The Chinese Recipes Show says:

This is a classic Chinese Pork Belly dish, named 走油肉 (Zou You Rou), from the Jiangsu & Zhejiang provinces for celebrating Chinese New Year.

Family is the basis of the Chinese culture, which is seen through the significance placed on the New Year’s Reunion dinner. This feast is extremely important to the Chinese.

Food is one of the things that the Chinese take the most pride in. And of course, lot of time, care, and thought is put into the menu for the most important holiday of the year.

Nasir Najah says:

Very nice & good food

Ric Russ says:

So i have to basically live in the restaurant

Laura says:

As soon as I see the pork enter the hot oil, I knew this wasn't the recipe for me

TopMusicxxx Internacional says:

1:14 Olha a cara do Japa sabendo que vai morrer feliz

Anderson Costa says:

Deu ate agua n boca agora

UTube Wanderer says:

May I ask what kind of cooking wine do you use..?

Bangla Psycho TV says:

Pork toxic ur Health

quack says:

I like pan chinese

Tina Rose 2204 says:

Excellent job 👍👌👌

Humberto Corral says:

Al ver freír, sentí como el aceite recorría mis venas, bendito colesterol

Onilidas WoW says:

Just… Perfect. 🤩

huseyin emin says:

So u gotta seal it, boil it, fry it, cool it and then steam it.

Jella Suman says:

Awesome slice mouthwatering want try once …

Марат Сафин says:

Too mach moves, for make it…

Jacob Kaplan says:

It hurt me when he soaked it

John Boltons Mustache says:

Lots of cry babies in the comments. This is awesome and looks so tasty. Just go to Mac and Donalds if your to lazy to cook. Mac and Donald😂

Felipe Fagundes says:

Se não tivesse jogado na água teria ficado top 😒

Игорь Анатольевич says:

Отличное мясо получилось, дома наверно проблематично приготовить.

prescription says:

I don’t even eat pork but this looks amazing

TH3KDU says:

Se não for bem cozinha antes de comer ou bem frita, se você comer a carne porco crua ela pode ser muito perigosa e ela em excesso também pode ser perigosa.

Rohit Chauhan says:

Pehle deep fry, soak for 24 hours in ice water n then steam for another 6 hour.. Wow so funny.

natoer lawyne says:

24h + 6h + 6min
Cook today
Eat tomorrow.

Sebelfisch says:


That’s basically raw on the inside 🙈

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