Christmas Roasted Lamb with Shrewsbury sauce How to cook recipe

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My recipes:
How to cook a delicious roasted Lamb leg with garlic with rosemary, garlic and anchovies. Served with a Shrewsbury Sauce.
Make this for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Yew Years or the Sunday roast!
Easy to cook and really Scrummy!
It’s a very easy to follow video recipe showing simple step by step instructions throughout. All the ingredients are shown at the beginning but you can alter the recipe to suit your taste or to use up those leftovers.
I hope you enjoy!
Original Naked Chef
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Ginger says:

Sorry to be the one to inform you that the ONLY carnivorous centrepiece at Thanksgiving is turkey. It's precisely for this reason that Turkey is often not the first choice for a Christmas roast in the States.

d sf says:

should have cooked it for longer on a lower heat

Bedia K. says:


Peter Catanzaro says:

Those holes look terrible!

Danila says:

"Get it all in the holes" OOOH YEAH GOOOOOOD (Saucier than Nigella)

Sara I Geiling says:

delicious !

Blue Berries says:


Dan D says:


Alex Κarafire says:


Yusuf Chi says:

What can I use instead of wine

I like it a lot says:

looks lovely,will try this for new years day,yummy…..p.s. Are you going to clean your oven glass for your next upload? oops!!!!cheeky cheeky ☺

Anakin Skyobiliviator says:

Is there a replacement for red wine for the sauce?

Chris Green says:

I reckon you could have made the base of that sauce in the original pan by putting in the wine/mustard/bit of flour at the start, but I'm no expert and to be honest the meat & sauce at the end looked FLIPPING AMAZING! Merry xmas Mr. Original Naked Chef. Your videos are amazing and I can't wait for what comes next in 2017.

Peter says:

@Original Naked Chef Why while making the sauce you opt adding so little liquid before adding the flour and mustard powder? Doesn't this unnecessarily risk burning it up a bit?

Richard Blaine says:

Absolutely delicious! Such a winner for Christmas!

English Heart says:

Bit of funky editing in this one…

Tricky Pixels says:

My mouth is watering….delicious looking meat

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