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If you love churros, you need to try out these sweet recipes. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here:

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Jeon Eunha says:

do you know the feeling when i saw harina i thought they putted fil. under, and i realized it was spanish

Middelfick Redhorse says:

Fuck I hate when people do recipes like this wtf r u mute n then the stupid music 🙄 omg 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

yoonmin says:

i'm just making myself hungry in the middle of the night ugh

Jonathan Thompson says:

Idk why people would dislike it

Ryan J says:

I'm reporting this for sexual content


Deep thought

Donut is just a comnected and smooth churro

me myself and slime says:

i have been looking for a good churro recipe lately, then you posted this YAY!!!!!

Hfar says:

Chocolate hazelnut? So Nutella filled?

…Which now that I think about it sounds really, really tasty. Be right back.

Evie Snel says:

I have a slight question no hate or any thing but why does tasty always reupload there videos multiple times?

Harassel Golwen says:

Eggs are not used for real churros…

Yui Ga-Noon says:

Uuhhhh the girl or boy had a Trieforcetattoo 😍

aditya ashutosh says:

My mouth is watering just by watching those

ishaan vora says:

What can you substitute egg with?

Chantelle Leone says:

What is rapeseed oil?

KoZee Glyph says:

I get so depressed watching videos like this, coz I know I'm never gonna make these things, and even if I did, it would turn out very fucking bad.

Big Mama says:

And because I'm lazy I'll run to costco and buy me some 😋

Crazy For Crafts says:

Did anyone hear on the end "oh yes" if yes then hit like

jules wasnt here says:

Here's how you make churros: mix flour and water. Add a little salt. Fry it. That's it. What you're making is fried cake.

Alyssa Garcia says:

I love churros

melioristics says:

hi guys, what’s a suitable alternative to the rapeseed oil?

sadly not readily available where i live

hsjsjddbggevs jjdjshshsfcssj says:

I can't have the last one

sanskruti patil says:

Where can I find rapeseed oil?

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