Classic Pecan Pie Recipe – How to Make Perfect Pecan Pie

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Learn how to make a Classic Pecan Pie Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, ex…

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annagong963 says:

lol I bought one from walmart and I’m watching it while eating it. I’ll
make this one day.

Friedolin says:

Im sorry im not a nativ speaker, but is spatulate a real word? :D

nubbyboy24 says:

Is it okay to freeze this the day before?

Candice Wu says:

Can the corn syrup be replaced, like by more sugar or corn starch?

George Ennis says:

It is pronounced Pa..con. PeeCan is what a truck driver uses. :-)

Rainbow Gardens says:

This was my grandmother’s specialty. :))

Jeremy Camilleri says:

Ergh your intonation is so irritating. Looks delicious though.

TheWolfePit says:

Don’t cut me a slice, please……I’ll simply eat the whole pie! My
favorite pie!

Ariyele Ressler says:

LOVE the use of the word spatulate. also: i’ve always wondered how a pecan
pie is made, but i’ve never actually tried to find out. i’m happy that i
know! great video :)

The Master of Hoppets says:

Pecans are sooo expensive in Europe. One small 80gram bag of pecans is 7$
here in Denmark!! I need to purchase some eventually though, I have always
wanted to try Pecan Pie. Great video as always!

Nhiska ah says:

i love you, you are the best teacher ever ;)

Erik Mendez says:

looks amazing

Baltazar Querio says:

I can’t find corn syrup were I live, what could I use instead?

Marissa Curiel says:

Seth Rogan Cooks ???

Elvis Borges says:

Does it really need so, so much butter?

mariana garcia says:

Did you make the pie crust??

thePowerPlant says:

The best Pecan Pie I ever had was made with Sorghum syrup. Shame that stuff
is so hard to find outside the South.

eastendthug says:

Pie weights are my new favourite thing

caligal2010 says:

Even though I love desserts, my favorite videos are of really savory
dishes. Just something about watching raw meat cook, get sauce drizzled on,
and then cut to show the perfection inside makes my mouth water!

Nas Alder says:

“When it comes to whisking, whisks are so much better”………….. This

John Karavitis says:

Pecans are expensive as hell because growers in America decided they needed
to sell pecans to the Chinese. The Chinese had never really been exposed
to pecans until then, and now they can’t get enough of them. No troll,
honest to God’s truth.

Iain Meldrum says:

two awesome blind-baking tips:
1) scrunch up and flatten out your parchment paper a couple of times before
lining the pastry case with it – this makes the paper much softer and
easier to mould to the corners.
2) don’t waste money on expensive pie weights or baking beads. You can use
dried lentils or some other dried beans or pulses (the smaller and heavier
the better) Just make sure they aren’t aromatic in any way as they will
flavour the pastry. You can also use pennies which will not only press down
on the pastry but conduct heat better can cook the pastry better.

Anh Nguyen says:

“American Pie” you know what i’m mean right? ;)

Samston says:

I pronounce it the way that doesn’t sound like a “Pee” can.

Aíta Yusta says:

I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but in Spain pecans are impossible to
find! And if you can find them ,they’re supe expensive :(
amazing vid , as always 

sean miller says:

I made pecan praline last night yummmm

Dale Modisette says:

*I think I’m going to make this dessert for next month Sunday dinner.* For
each month I cook Sunday dinner, taking turns with 3 others which we
started doing just over 2 years now.

*This is the list of what I’m making :*
*(1.)* Butter Milk Fried Chicken
*(2.)* Red Potato Salad
*(3.)* Coleslaw
*(4.)* Deviled Eggs

*Award-Winning Pecan Pie…Allegedly*
*By Chef John | Tuesday, April 22, 2014*

*Ingredients for one pie:*
Enough pie dough for a 9 1/2 inch glass pie dish (get recipe here)
*Pie shell should be pre-baked as shown.
2 cups pecan halves
1/2 cup butter (4 oz)
1 cup light brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/2 tsp fine salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp bourbon
2 tbsp milk
3 tbsp flour
3 large eggs
*Bake at 350 F. for about 45 minutes, or until browned and set.

bad1080 says:

is that ‘just’ brown sugar? because it looks like muscovado to me…

anyway, your videos are so lovely to watch, thanks for making them!

mountaindreams2 says:

I love pecan pie but it takes so long to cook my crust always gets to dark.
I always end up putting tin foil all over the crust and is that a pain!

GrandAlchemist says:

I’m not gay but I wouldn’t kick Chef John out of MY bed.

ikbinhans says:

Is the “around the outside” thing a reference to something other than your
previous videos? btw, both pronunciations are fine according to

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