COCKTAIL RECIPES! 5 Fizzy Cocktails using a SodaStream

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These Cocktail Recipes with have you fizzing! Check out the SodaStream currently on sale:
Tis’ the Season to celebrate with some fizzy cocktails! I made 5 cocktail/mocktail inspirations using my SodaStream #ad. There’s something for everyone here for your next holiday festivities. Cheers!!

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5 Fizzy Cocktail Recipes:

Wine spritzer
Berries muddled
Sparkling water
Raspberry drop

Sparkling Cosmo
Sparkling water
Line drop

Sparkling cider
Apple cider 1 part
Sparkling water 1 part
Rasp drops 1 drop

Watermelon soju
Watermelon juice ⅓
Soju ⅓
Sparkling water
Lime drop

POG punch
Dark rum 1 part
Sparkling water
lime drop

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Honeysuckle says:

What’s your favorite Holiday Cocktail? Also I may have gotten a wee bit tipsy toward the end of this video 😂

Ravonda Pye says:

Where are you getting the flavored drops from

Cat Payne says:

Love your recipes! Where do you get your raspberry flavor drops?

Megg Sohn says:

Also, I got mine at Bed Bath Beyond because you can just trade in your old canister for a new for $15. Recycling! ;p

Megg Sohn says:

I love my Sodastream but it has been stashed away for some time. Time to bring it back out! I was JUST talking to someone about it and how we waste so much money and create trash buying club soda. I'm convinced. I recommend flavoring with real juices, a squeeze of lemon or lime is very refreshing! Lime + Soda + Vodka = my fave bevvy. ;p

Sharon Idaeho says:

They look very delicious 😻😻

Rachel Sweets says:

Happy Holidays

LaVacheGoesMoo says:

That watermelon one reminds me of this frozen watermelon soju drink I had at this Korean bar once. Such a tasty combo 😋

xo xo says:

these look soo good

Innocent Spectator says:

Soda stream looks like fun! My fav was Cosmo, but they all looked great…love your top👍🏿

Madahi Khan says:

Does that really work? I'd like to use it with lemonade and orange juice… Every cocktail looks delicious my favorite is the Piña Colada and teb Mai Thai

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