Cookie Recipes – How to Make Chewy Sugar Cookies

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Get the top-rated recipe for Chewy Sugar Cookies at This video shows you how to make simple and …

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Allrecipes says:

Hi, Phänomenal Egal – Yes, you may substitute brown sugar for white in this
cookie recipe. The cookies will be terrific either way. Brown sugar has
more flavor because it’s actually white sugar combined with molasses, which
adds moistness and a softer texture. Happy baking!

OWLFamilyof4 says:

I bake almost daily and I just made these. Followed the recipe exactly and
my mixture was VERY runny. It wasn’t thick like yours at all. I ended up
adding more flour and when I added it to the saran wrap, it was still
runny. It’s in the fridge now. Hopefully it thickens up enough while it’s
sitting and they turn out.

Larissa Lescouflair says:

My batter was very runny, what can i do to thicken them up? i dont want a
flour taste in the coookies

AshleyBvette says:

bummer!! i only have one egg and forgot to grab more at the store… :( I
wonder what would happen if I only used one…..??? 

Ile Juarez says:

When I make sugar cookies why do they come out very small they don’t come
out like the one you did in the video

Ashley Gonzalez says:

how many cookies does this recipe make?

Vanessa Ramirez says:

What if we don’t have baking soda?
What else can i use

Luke Quevedo says:

that butter wasnt softened

Kayanna Adams says:

Just made these, SOOOOOO GOOD

Nadz Ibz says:

Add chocolate chips and a pudding mix to it 😉 bang ikr choco chip cookies
X vanilla pudd

OWLFamilyof4 says:

I ended up having to add a little over a cup of extra flour in order to
make my batter into a dough. It looked like cake batter when I first mixed
it together. I put it in the fridge hoping that it would firm but it
didn’t. So I took it back out, added more flour and then put them back in
the fridge for half an hour. They are a little floury tasting since I did
have to add so much more flour. But they are good, have a nice flavor and
they are chewy… Just need to figure out how to use the exact ingredients
called for without adding so much more flour next time.



kris viceral says:

I dont know why my cookies were not as thin as these cookies seen in the

janae Ortiz says:

Is it ok if you don’t use baking soda?

Fanallrecipes me says:

….my name…

ClassyChicaaa says:


Shruti Ada says:

Sometime my cookies don’t spread, what am I doing wrong

Y. Yang says:

Bad idea to press them, they will flatten own it’s own or it will lose

Phänomenal Egal says:

Hey :) do you think i could use brown sugar instead of the white ? (Sorry
for my english…) thank you ;)

Majoras says:

looks like a lot of flour >:D

Sarah Kaye says:

Do you hav to roll them in sugar?

gsooo1 says:


Fanallrecipes me says:

I love banana pie .thank you for the banana pie recipe! My mom cooked a
banana pie !love you!!!

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